Thursday, February 10, 2011

Binoculars missing: the hypothesis of poisoning study

There is still no news on Thursday morning and Alessia Livia, the Swiss twins, aged 6 years, missing since January 30 last.
According to RMC, a new track is now being studied by investigators: that of poisoning.
The police have in fact found in the computer memory of the father track of recently visited websites by Matthias Schepp, describing methods of poisoning. They also found in memory of tourist information sites on Corsica. This could suggest that the father had planned his trip and perhaps a tragic end.
Moreover, the Italian police are now looking for a tape which Matthias Schepp never parted and has not been found after his suicide in southern Italy. "It could contain a message giving information about the fate" of girls, said investigators in the Italian agency Ansa. The man might have decided to ship it without it even reached the addressee.
For their part, the Swiss investigators decided Thursday to stop the search field and particularly in the village of Saint-Sulpice near Lausanne which are native girls, after confirmation by witnesses of their presence on a ferry between Marseille and Corsica.
Wednesday afternoon, the mother of two girls appealed for witnesses. Faced with a forest of microphones and cameras, Irina Lucidi addressed to "any person who saw something or could have been on this ferry." One of the last tracks available to investigators is based on several eyewitness accounts of the ferry "Scandola" liaising Marseille-Propriano, where girls and their father, Matthias Schepp, 43, were seen between January 31 and February 1. The latter committed suicide on February 4 in Italy by jumping under a train, leaving no clues about what he had binoculars.
"I urge anyone who has seen and knows anything to contact police," hammered mom, adding that "any event even if you do not seem big thing" may be important. The mother also said that the father of twins in the past had made several business trips in northern Corsica, where he would therefore have known people who may entrust small.
Evidence on the presence of girls in Corsica
After the arrival of the ferry, you lose track of the girls. RTL, however, reveals that investigators now have two testimonies taken very seriously, people who have seen the father and the girls down to the ferry. This removes some subject overlap of these testimonies, the spectrum of the hypothesis proposed terrible since Tuesday that the father could get rid of the girls during the crossing.
On Wednesday, research have intensified, particularly with the help of a dog around Propriano, especially on a beach where the trio could go, but found no evidence on site proved not conclusive.
The father had sent a postcard to his wife desperate
Gradually, the investigators then reconstructed much of the route of Matthias Schepp. Out of Switzerland with the two girls a priori January 31, he was found dead Feb. 4 in southern Italy Cerignola. Meanwhile, one thing now: he embarked on the "Scandola" with his two daughters. It was in Marseille that the investigation began, city from which Matthias Schepp wrote to his wife before ending his own life. Ill at separation, he sent her a postcard in which he said he was desperate and said they can not live without it.
"A neighbor said cabin she heard children crying in the evening and just after she saw the girl and she formally recognizes" the attorney said Wednesday Jacques Dallest. This neighbor then said cabin have "seen the two girls in the playground of the boat."
What happens there is the arrival of the boat? A first witness, described as "an old man" whose testimony was left to be cut says "seeing far to walk down a man and two children," without being able to identify the girls. If investigators already knew that Matthias Schepp had bought three tickets to win in Corsica ferry, the presence of girls had not yet been proven on the boat or on arrival in Corsica. Hence the tracks very pessimistic considered.
The mother received money by mail removed by father
Especially worrying that another element had intervened Tuesday. The mother of the twins had mailed the money withdrawn by the father of the girls in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhone). "We received several letters sent from Italy, where the village (Matthias Schepp) committed suicide, sending all the money withdrawn from Marseille. Tickets are 50 euros for a total of about 5000 euros ", explained to the press Valerio Lucidi, Uncle binoculars.
A description of binoculars at the time of their disappearance
Since last weekend, Interpol issued an alert to its 188 member countries. In a statement, the international police organization based in Lyon, delivering an accurate description of the twins: "At the time of their disappearance, Livia wore a green T-shirt, jeans, a purple ski jacket and Adidas sneakers, and Alessia a T-shirt with red and white stripes, blue jeans, a brown jacket and black shoes. Both girls are blonde and measured 1.15 meters. Another appeal for witnesses has been launched on Facebook.
It now remains for investigators to reconstruct the last part of the route of Matthias Schepp, between Corsica and Italy, where he committed suicide. He re-embarked for France or Italy directly and primarily with or without the girls?

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