Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Common ground" between Obama and Republican leaders

The White House and Republican leaders spoke on Wednesday a "common ground" on several subjects, following a working lunch between President Barack Obama and his political opponents, the majority in the House of Representatives.
"I thought it was pretty obvious that the president wanted to find common ground," said the chairman of the House John Boehner to reporters after the meal, which comes five days before the disclosure by the President of its annual budget proposal.
"It was a very good lunch, and we managed to find enough common ground to show Americans that we want to work for them and are prepared to do together," said Mr. Boehner, accompanied by the Chief majority in the House and Eric Cantor's number two Republican in the Assembly, Kevin McCarthy.
The Republicans emerged victorious from the parliamentary mandate in mid-November, now control the House, which has the upper hand on the federal government funding, and strengthened their blocking minority in the Senate. They have made the spending cuts and the fight against the deficit a priority.
For his part, Mr. Obama agreed that spending cuts were needed. But the president wants to "sanctuary" areas to him essential to the future prosperity of the United States, such as teaching, research and infrastructure funding, mentioned in his speech on the state of the Union on 25 January.
The spokesman for the White House Robert Gibbs said, citing Mr. Obama on Wednesday that discussions had been "very constructive". "It was an opportunity to listen to each other and find common ground," he said during his press briefing.

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