Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First busy day for Carbonneau

(VAL D'OR) Those who believe that Guy Carbonneau has just descended into hell by accepting the coaching position of Chicoutimi will have to reconsider. In his first bus ride, it was a good company with his players, staff hockey and members of the press, while granting it is unclear how many interviews before departure, yesterday morning.Carbo took lunch and dinner close to his youth, always keeping a smile while accommodating the schedule devised by Renald Nepton.
"It was a beautiful day,"he said after supper. Everything worked well and even after many hours by bus, I'm still alive! It does not bother me and it's part of the work. I accepted and it is with enthusiasm that I will perform to the best of my knowledge ", he pointed out yesterday between two phone calls.

Upon entering the bus yesterday morning, he said this in his youth.

"We will work together and we'll have fun together. "He was warmly applauded. Again in the evening, in an interview, he repeated his words.

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