Sunday, February 27, 2011

New clashes in downtown Tunis

New clashes erupted Sunday in downtown Tunis, following protests that left three dead.
Young people have engaged in vandalism, while police tried to disperse them using tear gas.
The youth tried to go to the Interior Ministry. He broke the windows of buildings, throwing stones and put up barricades. They defied the ban the Department of movement for pedestrians and cars on Avenue Habib Bourguiba from Saturday 18 pm until midnight Sunday.
Saturday, violent clashes took place in the same place. The ministry said three people were killed and nine others hospitalized. The ministry also announced that a hundred people were arrested.
If the authorities attribute these acts to "a group of agitators, it must be said that for many Tunisians, the police still symbolizes the repressive regime of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali ousted Jan. 14.
Similar clashes had occurred previously. On Friday, protesters tried to enter the Interior Ministry and torched or ransacked three police stations.
Some 100,000 people gathered in the streets of the capital to demand the departure of the transitional government headed by Mohammed Ghannouchi.
Two Tunisian newspapers say the country risks sliding into chaos if the transitional government is "insensitive" to the message of the people.
The transition team, ignoring the calls, announced the holding of elections no later than mid-July, without specifying whether it was a presidential election or legislative action.

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