Monday, February 14, 2011

Binoculars missing: the mother took part in vain for research in Corsica

The mother of twins and Livia Swiss Alessia Schepp, aged six years and disappeared for two weeks, left Corsica Sunday after taking part in vain to research by Swiss police and French.
The investigators had requested his assistance in research. Before exiting private plane to an unspecified location, and Alessia's mother Livia Schepp has renewed its appeal to potential witnesses who may have seen her daughters on the island or elsewhere. The father of twins, Matthias Schepp, threw himself under a train in Italy on February 3, two days after coming to Corsica where he was seen with her two daughters by witnesses. He has written killing them in a letter to Ms. Lucidi shortly before killing himself.
"I hope that my daughters are still alive because they were seen alive in Corsica, she said, deeply moved and visibly exhausted, during a press conference at the airport of Ajaccio, holding the teddy bears of his daughters in his hands.
Ms. Lucidi, arrived Sunday morning in Ajaccio with his brother, was quickly boarded a helicopter with Swiss and French investigators, who had requested his assistance.
The aircraft flew over several southern areas of the island, including Porto-Vecchio on the east coast and near the Gulf of Pianottoli Figari, before heading north to inspect the village and beach Macinaggio Tamarone in Cape Corsica. Places which correspond either to port calls by the family on a cruise around the island in 2008, to reports gathered by investigators.
"We did a tour of the island, we saw many sites," said the mother, calling the day "long and difficult." But according to a family friend contacted by AFP, "nothing new" has occurred Sunday.
Saturday at the request of both Swiss investigators arrived in the morning, Helicopters had already scouted over the beaches of Santa Giulia and Palombaggia on the town of Porto-Vecchio. These places would be included in letters that the girls' father, Matthias Schepp, has sent his ex-wife before killing himself in Italy on February 3, the source said.
Investigators working in several directions to clarify this matter. They also examine the trail of a possible complicity. Questioned this assumption on Sunday, Ms. Lucidi said nothing.

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