Monday, February 14, 2011

What is known about the illegal Tunisian spreading in Europe

More than 5,000 illegal immigrants landed on the Tunisian island of Lampedusa in Italy in five days. Decryption.
What happens there in Lampedusa?
This small Italian island, located 138 km from the Tunisian coast, has for several years, the choke point of the North African illegal immigrants who want to join Europe, as recalled this story of L'Express. But for five days, Lampedusa is facing an influx unusual: more than 5,000 Tunisians have landed, causing a diplomatic crisis between Italy and Tunisia. The Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni, announced he would request permission to deploy the Italian police in Tunisia, to curb the influx. Immediate response from Tunis, which ruled that such "interference in its internal affairs" was "unacceptable."
What is the profile of these immigrants?
Hard to say for now. The Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, has raised the risk of an influx of terrorists and criminals escaped from jails in Tunisia, but it seems that most immigrants - young men in general - coming rather for reasons economic. AFP was able to interview one of them, a young graduate in mechanical 18. He said he wanted "to go to find a job." France Soir has also interviewed one of them. "I was ready to go anywhere. In Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany. For me, it does not matter as long as you give me work. We there are more. "
The situation in Tunisia has not improved?
Many internet users surprised to exodus as juancarlos who says: "Tunisia is to drive the tyrant, will become a democratic country and these people are fleeing, how curious." Not so curious, really. Since the fall of Ben Ali, the country is in economic chaos and the transitional government, faced with violence in the province, has difficulty in managing social demands. Claims that have led to the departure of Ben Ali are still relevant, bread and jobs. Mehdi Houas, the Tunisian Minister of Tourism, says as well in France Soir: "I am very surprised that people in France and Europe flabbergasted! The situation has not changed, the poor South still want to join the Eldorado North. Some are panicked. It was something predictable. This is not because we got rid of the dictatorship that it all came together. The difference is that we don 'have more than one family that pumps the country's finances, that's all. But there are still 10 million inhabitants, some believe that there is no hope. "
Tunisia How can it stop this illegal immigration?
The country tries to take things in hand. Authorities said Monday they had foiled several attempted illegal emigration from the shores of Gabes in the south. The army, supported by Coast Guard has established a control center in the port of this city and blocked the exits normally used by the boats of illegal immigrants. In the short term, Tunis says ready to cooperate with European countries. Moreover, France, the final destination referred to by many Tunisians, have called for the strengthening of Frontex, to oversee the EU's borders. But in the long term, the EU believes that only the improved economic situation in Tunisia will prevent the influx of illegal immigrants and that is why it intends to help financially Tunis: between 80 and 90 million euros per year already granted, a sum which could be increased, and the European Investment Bank granted a loan in 2010 from 500 million to develop infrastructure, and Tunisia may be granted "advanced status" which at the Like Morocco, it would benefit from preferential tariffs on the European market.
And how does France?
The French Foreign Ministry has given its support to Italy, asking also supported the issue throughout Europe, particularly through the agency Frontex. Eric Besson, a former immigration minister also said that "it can not be any tolerance for illegal immigration" while accepting the principle of political asylum.
Finally, France has earmarked 350,000 euros. "This fund is intended to provide assistance to the most vulnerable population, especially children and the elderly and victims of the events and people sick," the embassy said on its website.

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