Thursday, February 10, 2011

HP introduces its new tablet, touchpad

SAN FRANCISCO - The world of Hewlett-Packard (HP) on Wednesday introduced a new tablet computer called TouchPad, using the operating system of the late producer of Palm PDAs to compete with Apple iPad.
"TouchPad has more than a pretty face," said former boss Jon Rubinstein, Palm during a conference presentation in San Francisco. "The touchpad is all about you: how you work, you're having fun, and you keep in touch with what matters most to you," he added.
The touchpad should go during the summer version wifi (wireless internet), then later in 3G version (internet telephone networks). Buy Palm
This is the first device to use stamped HP operating system WebOS, inaugurated by Palm with its multifunctional phone Pre, released two years ago, which proved a critical success but a commercial failure.
The Pre having failed to revive Palm, HP has finally bought it last year for $ 1.2 billion. Former HP CEO had said from the beginning that he looked forward especially to get your hands on Palm's patents and its management.
"Nobody has been able to approach the experience we have created with WebOS," Mr. Rubinstein said Wednesday, who had once worked on the Apple iPod range. Features TouchPad
TouchPad weighs as much as the iPad, 680 g and has a screen size equivalent of 9.7 inches (24.5 cm diagonal). It is equipped with an ultrafast microprocessor Qualcomm, according to Mr. Rubinstein, who also praised the multitasking capabilities of the device and program integration of Adobe Flash video playback, ruled by Apple.
Finally he has a camera, that according to press rumors Apple is preparing to add the second version of the iPad.
HP has not announced any price for his tablet.

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