Thursday, February 10, 2011

Miley Cyrus: "I should not have to smoke a joint"

The actress of "Hannah Montana" regrets having used salvia, but mostly, she regretted having set a bad example to his fans.
Miley Cyrus finally breaks the silence. In an interview with the women's magazine Marie Claire in its issue of March, the star of Hannah Montana returns for the first time on "the episode of salvia. Last November, the actress of 18 years was filmed smoking the hallucinogenic plant and strongly criticized after the video had been around the web. Today, Miley Cyrus regrets.
"I'm not perfect, I made a mistake, I am sorry to have disappointed my fans," said Miley Cyrus in the columns of Marie Claire, adding that she would have had to think before acting.
"Many young people smoke, but they are not Miley Cyrus"
After the incident, many anti-drug associations were mounted slot, accusing Miley Cyrus for not setting a good example to his fans. His own father, Billy Ray Cyrus, had himself said extremely disappointed by the attitude of his daughter and had apologized on his behalf.
When asked if she thinks have been too strongly condemned for his actions while many teens smoke joints, the actress takes on his own. "Many young people smoke, but they are not Miley Cyrus, they are not role models for other young people," she says. "In my case, it was a mistake vis-à-vis my fans, but also vis-à-vis the values that I hold." This mea culpa will suffice he has appeased the spirits?

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