Thursday, February 17, 2011

Young Belgians revolution "fry"

Hundreds of young Belgians began to participate Thursday in a day of action, called humor "revolution of the fry," to demand an end to the political crisis in the country, whose term comes to equal the world record Iraq.
In Brussels, some 600 students, police said, and a thousand according to organizers, began a march in the city to advocate the unity of Belgium, threatened by disagreements between the Flemish and French.
Part of a university campus, they were joining the Palais de Justice in the city where speeches are planned, and tasting of French fries and beer.
The fry, national culinary symbol was also the focus of a rally held in Leuven, Flemish town 25 kilometers from Brussels.
A line of several hundred young formed in mid-day before a van converted into a snack where cones of fries topped with mayonnaise are offered at the initiative of students opposed to separatism.
Beers "Flemish and Walloon" were proposed as part of the day called by organizers' revolution of the fries, "in allusion to the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions.
"We want to show our fellow Walloons that we are against the separatist logic. Flemish and French, we have the same socio-economic problems, "said Günter Kathagen, 23.
Member of the collective "Separatism? Not in our name, "the biology student invited participants to express themselves on a long white banner held on the ground and will be forwarded to leaders of national political parties.
The motto of the kingdom, "Unity is strength," little understood in Flanders in recent years, there alongside the very brief "Belgium = 1".
The country also Thursday "world record" the longest political crisis, 249 days so far held by Iraq. It failed during this period to form a real government, failing for the Flemish and French agree on the future of the country.
The first call for regional autonomy highly enhanced, that deny them the latter.
Protests were planned throughout the day in other Belgian cities.

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