Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quebec: new arena in the fall of 2015

The people of Quebec will have their new arena in the fall of 2015, announced Thursday morning, Premier Jean Charest and Mayor Régis Labeaume Quebec City for committing $ 187 million, while the province will pay $ 200 million. The federal government is currently conspicuously absent from this financing plan. Regis Labeaume and Jean Charest have also urged Ottawa to put their shoulder to the wheel.
The mayor has ruled out the possibility that private investment in the construction of the amphitheater. It does not, however, closes the door to the private sector for the future. "No private financing without a club and no club without amphitheater," said Regis Labeaume.
As for the Quebec government, its contribution from 45% to 50% of construction costs for a maximum of $ 200 million. With 13.5 million group I have my place, the account is good for a project totaling more than $ 400 million.
"I am proud to announce that Quebec will have an infrastructure worthy of its status as capital," said Premier Jean Charest.
"The future of Quebec amphitheater amphitheater will still be the people and the citizens of Quebec, later added the premier.
At the technical meeting that preceded the news conference, Vice-Chairman Executive Committee, Richard Côté, assured that even without a professional team, "the new arena will not be a white elephant."
In his financial package, besides the presence of an NHL team, the City proposes a formula paying users with a management fee of four dollars on the cost of the ticket, which represents potential revenues of 2.8 million. There are also twenty additional events in order to collect one million dollars.
In the short term, the City should establish a project office near the planned site. The next three to six months will be devoted to the study of needs. The preliminary plans and specifications will be completed in spring 2012.
The construction of the new arena should begin no earlier than late 2012, early 2013 for completion in the fall of 2015, ideally in September, wants the mayor.
After the analysis of seven of the 23 sites identified to accommodate the new amphitheater, the city has reconfirmed the choice ExpoCité. It was clarified that the construction would take place at the junction of two highways located near the Exhibition Centre and the Youth Pavilion. "If we have located here because we want it to be paid," said Mr. Labeaume.
In conclusion, the mayor Régis Labeaume addressed the population of Quebec, promising to increase meetings to establish a dialogue. "I hear you refer directly to get your membership," said the mayor. He does not think a referendum, but a tour of the boroughs.

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