Thursday, February 10, 2011

Charest wanted to hear my country at the Olympics in Vancouver

(Quebec) Premier Charest responded indirectly to convince Gilles Vigneault to lend my country at the Olympics in Vancouver. 
The skipper of the Games Organizing Committee, John Furlong, was that the poet allows him to use his song for the opening ceremony. 
Vigneault was afraid of being distorted by singing My Country in an event organized by Canada.
In December 2009, Mr. Furlong has called on Premier Jean Charest to intercede on his behalf. "I am not directly involved, because I do not know personally (Vigneault) says Charest. Other people have talked to him asking if he could authorize the use of his song. He said no. We respected his choice. "

Mr. Charest has not exercised that provides additional pressures on Mr. Vigneault.

The song was ultimately never been interpreted in the opening ceremony. The low presence of French in this inaugural event raised a controversy. French is one of two official languages of the Olympic Games, revived in the 19th century by the French Pierre de Coubertin.

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