Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jutra nominations: reactions

Some reactions following the announcement of nominations for the 13th Jutra Awards. "If there is a way to describe Quebec films of 2010, I would say that the man in tears (laughter). In the overall picture films, there are many men in crisis, in extreme situations. And there are very different views on the subject. "
"My approach to animation is definitely involved. We do not want to be just links from one price to another. We also want to create a universe that is coherent, a global showcase everything that will happen in the evening. The gala will be playful and vaguely educational (laughs). "
"I participated in writing the gala. For several years, I write a lot. It's something I enjoy doing and at the same time, writing is part of the actress I want to be. I like projects that leaves space for our people. "
> Yves P. Pelletier (co-host of the show)
"Ted and I are extremely accomplices. I hope this is contagious. Sylvie has a very nice pen. It's a creative girl and a girl gang. Our small group setting is tightly woven. "
"We've seen all the films and we want to put that value, make a show about all the movies are made."
"I'm a little sad that my movie (The Kiss of the Bearded) had no appointment. I wish such a nomination for Best Score. But there are so many quality films this year that I'm still happy to be there. "
> Isabelle Miquelon (nominated for the award for best supporting actress - The final fugue)
"This is my first nomination and I hope our Jutra nominations (4) will give new life to the film (which is on the theme or not to shorten the suffering of the patriarch of a family). It is a film that has remained relevant, but very little time indoors. "
"Almost all of the film is about a Christmas dinner where we gather at the table. We spent a month on it, which created a magic, a chemistry very strong, where we improvised a lot. "
> Luc Déry (co-producer Kim McCraw of filmIncendies)
"From the beginning, it's much Denis (Villeneuve) is in the spotlight. But here, there are artisans who work a bit more in the shadows, who are nominated. And it's great. That the two actresses of the film (Lubna Azabal and Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin) are nominated for the award for best actress does not put us uncomfortable. Instead, we would have been disappointed that one of them is forgotten. "
> Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin (nominated for the award for best actress - Fire)
"For the first time I'm nominated. It touches me and makes me happy either with fires. This is a landmark film in my life and a landmark film, period. "
"When I read the script, I knew the story was strong, that something was happening. But the film goes around the world, no, I do not think about it during filming. Besides, it's not something I think when turning. I prefer to concentrate on what I do. "
"Whether I'm in the same category as Lubna (Evangeline Lilly), I say Wow! because she did a fantastic job. "
> Denis Villeneuve (Director of Fire)
"What makes me feel at ease with events like this (the Jutra) is that it highlights the work of everyone. Not just the work of one person. "
"The strength of the film, the high quality of Fire is the work of Melissa and Lubna. So they are both nominated for the award for best actress makes me really happy. "
"Since the screening of Politecnico in Cannes, I had offers from the American side. But they are more suggestions ... People who care for me in Los Angeles learn to know me and make me make beautiful games. I meet people who are interested in a movie, who want to produce a film and have signed some very good films. But I'm not waiting on that side. The Americans are very strong on seduction, to make you feel the best in the world. But they are also very strong on the flavor of the month, I am aware. Me, I want to make cinema, not coups. Maybe I'll meet people with whom I will work on a project, but I have not so many expectations it. I'm vaccinated against the Hollywood dream. My dream is to do as Iñárritu, is developing a project to me and to do so with a bit more money with people there. It is potentially possible. I know who did this. But .... one thing at a time. "
> Emmanuel Bilodeau (nominated for Best Actor - Curling)
"Appointment for a character as killjoy ... I'm happy. Especially since it's inside game very, very undramatic. To be nominated for a Jutra is so extraordinary. "
I won for Curling the best actor award at the Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland) and already hallucinating. Jutra, I saw that there were so many good players who had great performances that I was not thinking. There are also plenty of others who are not nominated and who deserved it. So, being nominated, that's the price. "
"In the past I've been three times nominated for a Jutra Award for a supporting role and I won once with a crab in the head (Andre Turpin). But since the Jutra exist, I'd never done leading role. This is actually the first time I had a leading role in film.

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