Monday, February 14, 2011

When Obama addresses the deficit

This is only the first inning of a party that will require negotiations with Republicans Perplexing House of Representatives two years after asking Congress to pass a huge stimulus package of $ 787 billion, Barack Obama today introduced a budget plan to reduce the federal deficit of 1 100 billion over ten years, bringing it to about $ 300 billion.
Obama plans to achieve this goal by cutting or eliminating some 200 federal programs, measures that represent two-thirds of savings envisaged. The other third would come from higher taxes.
As we read this article in the Washington Post, the White House believes that this budget presents a reasonable alternative to the drastic cuts proposed by Republicans. They have already indicated they would oppose any tax increases.
The showdown between the White House and House of Representatives is launched. Does it lead to paralysis of the federal government, as was the case in 1995 when Newt Gingrich had initially refused to compromise with Bill Clinton? Stay tune ...

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