Monday, February 14, 2011

David Desharnais, a model employee of the week

Normally, the Canadian players are all entitled to a first class ticket when traveling with the team. But, if the tickets were distributed at the performances of last week, several players should be content with a seat in economy class.
If you were told that during these games against the Bruins in Boston (6-8), the New York Islanders (3-4 shootout) and the Toronto Maple Leafs (3-0), members of the trio of David Desharnais and Tomas Plekanec had amassed ten goals and nine assists in a yield of over 10, you'd be inclined to believe there is an error in the results.
How Can a team lose two out of three with six attackers who flirt with excellence. Yet there is no error! This performance is explained by the work of two other trios, which totaled a little goes a yield of less than 21.
Cincinnati at Montreal
Desharnais has certainly been the model employee of the week. This small center player who played with Cincinnati in the East Coast League in 2007-08 impressed by his vision of the game
During the week he scored two goals in addition to providing four assists for a record of more than 3. In addition, he won 66% (29 of 44) of his faceoffs during the game the hardest of the season in Boston, its small size has not prevented him from getting three points (one goal and two assists).
His wingers Benoit Pouliot, Mathieu Darche and Ryan White have appreciated his generosity in distributing the puck. Max Pacioretty, author of three goals during the week, has enjoyed a presence with its online companion to Hamilton to score a big goal against the Islanders.
On the other hand, Plekanec continued his good work with one goal, one assist and a yield of more than one while facing the opponent's best forwards. Brian Gionta (2 +1 = 3) and Pacioretty (3 +1 = 4) did not complain of being associated with the best striker of the team.
A disgrace
In the victory against Toronto, members of two other trios offered a better effort. But delivery of the line of Gomez, Andrei Kostitsyn Lars Eller and Boston bordered on ridiculous. A player or even members of a band can find a tough night. These are things that occur in the course of a season. But what is unacceptable is a lack of effort. And in Boston, Gomez and Kostitsyn mainly, spent a lot of time to slide on their heels while the Bruins pounded the net from Carey Price. For Eller, this is not a question of effort. The young man just is not ready for the NHL. Moreover, against the Islanders, Moen exchanged his chair with that of Travis Moen.
Jacques Martin decided to Boston to nail these three thugs on the bench in the third period. The decision was necessary since all three showed a return of four after 40 minutes. In addition, Gomez was zero in seven of the circle put in.
As the trio of Moen, Jeff Halpern and Tom Pyatt, they know their best moments in a specialist role shorthanded. If you were told that Desharnais (five goals in 18 matches) totaled more goals than Moen (3) and Pyatt (1) paired.
A courageous brigade
In back, there were difficult moments. We could dwell on the turnovers, the quality of passes out of area, the individual battles in the crease and along the ramps.
But we prefer to speak of the courage of these athletes who must work in harsh conditions. In our annual newsletter, Andrei Markov and Josh Gorges are both first class while Hal Gill has great qualities as well as disadvantage in terms of play in the defensive zone.
Without these backs, Roman Hamrlik is asked to take out all the stops and he doing well. He even allowed to offer a near perfect game against the Maple Leafs.
James Wisniewski (25:16) and PK Subban (24:32) experienced some difficult times during the three games of the week, but they also managed to play nice. If Jacques Martin could afford to remove their presence by period, it seems that their effectiveness would be increased. But these days, he did not have that luxury.
A word in closing on the guards. Price has had a tough night in Boston, but he was flawless face the Maple Leafs. As for Alex Auld, he did an honest job in the shootout against the Islanders. They may be given a seat in business class!

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