Saturday, February 12, 2011

Binoculars: Police searching for a GPS

Investigators hope to trace the paths of father and Livia Alessia.
Investigators do not lose hope. Despite the letter from the father of the missing twins who says he killed them, police are continuing their research. Saturday, the Italian police searching the car's GPS Matthias Schepp, hoping to rebuild its routes since the abduction of girls. A GPS could talk
The research is focused around a canal not far from the station where Matthias Schepp Cerignola threw himself under a train on February 3 last. The police believe the man could get rid of it shortly before committing suicide. They hope to reconstruct the journey of man since his departure from Saint-Sulpice, Switzerland, January 28, and possibly find where he could take his daughters and what is their fate.
French investigators looking into the binoculars Corsica wish to share the mother of the girls could visit the island where they have, according to some accounts, was seen for the last time. "Despite the bad news that I received my mother's heart feels that my daughters are alive. I beg you, keep looking and Livia Alessia", on Friday launched Lucidi Irina, the mother of missing twin.
Two Swiss investigators arrived Saturday morning in Ajaccio to support the French judicial police. "We expect their arrival to set up a battle plan, the Swiss police have information that will help us better target our research," said close to the investigation. New appeal for witnesses
Friday night, the French police launched a fresh appeal for witnesses to find Alessia and Livia. The police of Marseilles is asking anyone who saw Matthias Schepp accompanied or not her two young daughters Alessia and Livia between January 31 and February 1 in Corsica, contact the DIPJ Marseille, or DRPJ Ajaccio

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