Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak hopes to end the blockade in Gaza and the "division" in the West Bank

GAZA (Palestine) - Thousands of Palestinians celebrated separately on Friday departure of President Hosni Mubarak, those in Gaza hoping to end the blockade of the territory controlled by Hamas and the West Bank by the end of the "division" interpalestinienne.
The Hamas spokesman in Gaza, Sami Abu Zuhri, saw this forced resignation "the beginning of the victory of the revolution," urging "the Egyptian army to act as guarantor of people's demands and not to allow that 'they are misguided. "
"We call on the Egyptian leadership decided to immediately lift the siege of Gaza and the opening of the terminal Egyptian" in Rafah on the border between Gaza and Egypt, "he told AFP from the announced that Mr. Mubarak left the office.
The head of the Hamas government Ismail Haniyeh said in a statement that "Egypt was writing a new page in the history of the nation and the siege of Gaza began to waver."
Scenes of jubilation were held across the territory, including Gaza City, where dozens of members of the armed wing of Hamas, the Qassam Brigades Ezzeddine, joined the demonstrations.
"Mubarak is besieging us in Gaza and the unjust siege fall with him," he told AFP a young member, Mohammad Abdel Al
"I congratulate the Egyptians and us, this victory is the beginning of the end of the imprisonment of Gaza, Mubarak was an accomplice," added a student, Asmaa Mattar.
Thousands of people took to the streets across the Gaza Strip, celebrating the event by firing joy Concert horns, and distribution of sweets, according to witnesses and AFP journalists.
The loudspeakers of the mosques have urged people to come out in mass demonstrations "celebration with the Egyptian people"
Islamic Jihad said in a statement has "paid tribute to the Egyptian people and their revolution and blessed his son's victory and its just claims, stressing that what they have accomplished is the dream of all Arabs and all Muslims."
In the West Bank, hundreds of people of all ages wearing Egyptian and Palestinian flags also marched, including the main square of Ramallah, seat of the Palestinian Authority, reporters found the AFP.
They chanted slogans in favor of the "end of the division," referring to the de facto separation between the West Bank and Gaza.
Previously, an appeal by a group of young Palestinians on Facebook to protest peacefully in the Gaza Strip after the prayer for "change" and the unity of the Palestinian national movement had met with little response, facing the deployment of forces Hamas security.
The Palestinian Authority had no immediate reaction to the resignation of the head of the Egyptian state. President Mahmoud Abbas had called Mubarak on January 29 to express "its solidarity with Egypt and its commitment to its security and stability."
By contrast, Hamas, emerged from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood movement, had shown from the outset is more favorable to the dispute, which has allowed several of its executives detained in Cairo to escape and reach Gaza .

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