Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tunisia requested the extradition of Leila Ben Ali Trabelsi

The Tunisian authorities have sent to Saudi Arabia a formal request for extradition which has been accused of corruption in built form of government. Tunisia has officially claimed Monday, February 21 to Saudi Arabia to extradite Leila Trabelsi, the wife of the ousted president and initiated the Battle of the dissolution of the powerful Democratic Constitutional Rasseblement, RCD, the party of deposed President Ben Ali. At the same time, the authorities announced the arrest of the killer of Polish priest found slain Friday near Tunis, saying he was a carpenter who worked in the Tunisian school where the priest was discovered death. His death was strongly condemned by the government and the main Islamist group in the country, Nahda (Renaissance), which is prohibited under Ben Ali.
Moreover, the Tunisian authorities have sent a formal request to Riyadh for the extradition of Leila Trabelsi (53), wife of the deposed president, said a source at the Foreign Ministry quoted by the official news agency TAP. This approach, the source added, "is part of the ongoing investigation against the ousted president and his clan."
The Tunisian courts had previously issued on January 26 arrest warrants against international Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his influential wife.

Request for dissolution of RCD

The former president, 74 years old, fled with his family in Saudi Arabia on January 14 under pressure from the street. According to a relative of his family told AFP he would be in a hospital in Jeddah in a coma following a stroke.
The European Union decided on February 4 the freezing of assets of 46 relatives of the clan of former president and his wife. Dresser, became "regent" according to journalist Nicolas Beau, Leila Trabelsi is accused of looting his country by erecting corruption mode of government, systematically favoring members of his family.
Politically, the interior minister Farhat Rajhi said Monday it has filed a formal request for the dissolution of the Constitutional Democratic Rally, the former powerful party of Ben Ali, two weeks after the suspension of its activities and closure of its premises.
RCD, founded February 27, 1988 by Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, claimed more than two million members in 10 million. Since the flight of its chairman, Tunisians have consistently demonstrated to demand the dissolution of the party hated by the population.

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