Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sarkozy calls on ministers to spend their holidays in France

For their holidays, members of the French Government will give priority to France, and invitations to overseas must be authorized by the Prime Minister.
President Nicolas Sarkozy has decided well after the controversy over the last holiday of the Premier and Foreign Minister of Egypt and Tunisia.
Last week, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Michele Alliot-Marie, is the heart of the controversy in the French media, after his vacation in Tunisia during which she took advantage of the private jet of a Tunisian friend, close Ben Ali clan. This round trip on the plane of the businessman took place in late December, early in the revolution of Tunisia. Ms Alliot-Marie, however, received support from the President and the Prime Minister.
As for Prime Minister Francois Fillon, he spent his year-end holiday with family at the expense of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, shortly before hundreds of thousands of people demanding his immediate departure. Fillon also used an airplane of the Egyptian government to visit a temple on the same trip.
Now, ministers must obtain permission from the prime minister before accepting an invitation abroad.
In a brief statement by the Cabinet, Nicolas Sarzoky request that any call abroad from a member of the French government is authorized by the Prime Minister.
These permissions will be given "in accordance with the cell's diplomatic presidency of the Republic to examine their compatibility with the foreign policy of France," he said.
Nicolas Sarkozy himself had spent a few days in Morocco during the holidays.

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