Saturday, February 12, 2011

In Algiers, police blocked the march of the opposition

Clashes between police and protesters erupted Saturday May 1st place in Algiers, a place of rendezvous of the march initiated by the opposition but banned by the authorities. 14 people were briefly detained and released, authorities say.30,000 police were deployed to face them. Clashes between police and protesters, who defied the ban to march took place Saturday morning in Algiers. The Algerian capital is the place to go for a banned march to call for opposition to a "system change". The clashes erupted shortly before the start of the event which called for greater freedom and the lifting of emergency rule. The clashes subsided gradually, say reporters on the ground. However, sites still report Algerian tensions.
Despite the large police presence, demonstrators in 2000 by journalists, 250 according to the authorities, who wanted to reach the point of arrival, place des Martyrs, briefly succeeded in forcing the cord located place from 1 May, before ending up at blocked again. In the crowd, we heard "Bouteflika out!", "Free and democratic Algeria", "not the police state." Ali Belhadj, a leader of the Islamist hello Front (FIS), dissolved by the Algerian authorities, is in the procession.

By early afternoon, traffic had tentatively included in this sector before fully completed by large police forces surrounded by dozens of armored vehicles. The authorities have taken drastic measures on the course of four miles. Police reportedly beat up several protesters without distinction, as the site of the daily El Watan. Dozens of arrests have taken place, yet the paper says, but the figure is disputed. In a statement, the Interior Ministry announced that 14 people were briefly detained and then released.

Several members arrested

Several members of the RCD (Rally for Culture and Democracy) have been arrested, including Mohsen Belabas, Arezki Help, and Tahar Besbes Maazouz Athman, said the journalist Tahar Hani France 24. Some have already been released. The member of the RCD, Arezki Help, evokes more than 1,000 arrests made in Algiers on the sidelines of the event. "I was arrested five times today," said he to the site of Latest Algeria. "Every arrest I suffered a beating. Even in the police, the protesters are beaten. The police are full and they do not know where to put those arrested. "

The headquarters of the opposition party was surrounded by police. The President of the RCD Said Sadi was indignant that "the dean of the League for Human Rights Ali Yahia Abdelnour, 90 years old, was manhandled" by police. Fodil Boumal, a founder of the National Coordination for Change and Democracy (NCCD) was also arrested. Faced with the protesters, a score of young pro-Bouteflika came together instead of May 1, chanting "Bouteflika is not Mubarak, Egyptian President deposed.

Saturday's march had been announced by the NCCD since its creation on January 21 in the wake of deadly riots against the high cost of living at the beginning of the year, which left five people dead. President Bouteflika announced February 3 the lifting "in the very near future" state of emergency in force since 1992. The government has also recently intervened to bring down the prices of some commodities and increased imports of wheat.

In Oran, where a protest had been banned by the authorities that the opposition is that belies the Interior Ministry-Saturday, a gathering of 400 people was short-lived and ended with a thirty arrests. The local chief of the NCCD, the university professor Kadour Chouicha and his son, and two journalists were briefly detained, witnesses said. Just as two artists mime, painted entirely in white, a red cross on the lips. Before the central station in Tizi Ouzou, the main town of Kabylie, a handful of youths also burned tires.

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