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Valentine's Day: we love each other without complicated!

Falling on a Monday, tomorrow, Valentine's Day 2011 is discreet. Certainly, the Salon du Chocolate in Villefranche-de-Rouergue dons today colors of love. But the dinner on Valentine's Day, which fills the last few years in the tables of two restaurants (with a pink center) happens most often at home, and congestion on the bypass will deter detour to the armory jewelry ... While in the polls, men, 51% believe that Valentine's Day is first and foremost "a day dedicated to love." Less blue flower, women are only 43% thought the same thing. "My wife was born Feb. 15, says Jean, Toulouse 60, we celebrate his birthday, but not on Valentine's Day, which is usually reserved for young couples" ... and the Americans. Across the Atlantic, the Valentine's day, the appointment as inevitable as Thanksgiving is celebrated as the movies. We no longer mince words
"Sex Friends", the romantic comedy of the moment depicts two young men who decide to limit their relationship with physical pleasure, a film funny, raunchy, showing two real people talking about real things. " Verdict: United States, the film was banned less than 17 years, and we expect to see Wednesday in France ... We know that his main actress and international star Natalie Portman, will spend Valentine's Day with his love of Bordeaux, the dancer Benjamin Millepied. "Talking about real things" is what is practiced on the dating sites on the Internet that are not in the romance: "You can pick up and throw another, even to be rude," says Stephen Toulouse psy Hahusseau. Since the publication of his "Short Guide for happy love, reality surpassed fiction: the site of adultery" Gleeden "plans to spend Monday and heading of 300 000 registered in France. This festival would cause extra-conjugal peaks. Sociologist Eric Donfu noted a resurgence of occupation sites after Valentine's Day, "often seen as a test in the couple." Of Valentine's unforgettable, we know that this does not happen every year. Anne, a student of 26 years has seen his own in 2010, when she and her boyfriend got engaged, and he spent a pretty sapphire on her finger. This year, he said "he would do the shopping" ... And you what do you offer for valentine?
"When one loves, one does not count! "To believe the Smartdate Labs, the new dating site in fashion, it seems more true than in France across the Atlantic. According to this site because the lovers are far more generous in the U.S. than in France. Supporting figures, Smartdate reveals that the majority of French people is willing to pay between 20 to 40 € (59%) to please their partner for Valentine's Day, when Americans (60%) go up easily 60 or 80 €. A significant disparity of budgets on both sides of the Atlantic. Similarly, the Smartdate Labs said that the gifts usually chosen by men are quite indicative of this mindset. By examining more closely what they choose to offer their wives, the site noted that lovers make more efforts in the United States. Thus, they do not hesitate to buy from the jeweler (one third of cases), or even to consider a romantic getaway (15%). For their part, the French rely on sound values, traditional gifts: flowers (22%), restaurant (19%) or watch or jewelry (8%). These gifts seem largely symbolic, because as explained by Fabrice Le Parc, Director General of Smartdate: "Valentine's Day has a different value in the U.S. than here." And cultural value therefore results in terms of figures ... The French mobilized less than Americans on Feb. 14. Fabrice Le Parc also note that the standard of living and consumption habits differ from one country to another: "People spend easier there. And then, Valentine has a connotation somewhat commercial often annoys the French ... The number: 100
EUR> gifts. According to a survey (published by Spir Communication), one third of joint plans to spend between 60 and 100 € as a gift on Valentine's Day. But a dating site, "Smartdate," reviews the notes down, with an average of 30 €. "The Amesoeurs. Com one click
Candidates for love on the net has never been so numerous. According, Inserm, 10% of men and 6% of women would have used the internet to find a partner. Meetic site for its part claims 20 million active profiles in Europe. The market leader in web meeting, now claims to attract nearly 44,000 single day. That too! Indeed, it is very difficult in this vast supermarket of love to locate his own half.
Paula is a teacher. Blonde, quite pretty and cultivated. She is 50 years old, a girl of 15 years and has just been dumped by her husband who left for Capucine, a young girl of 28 years, met on lamesoeur.com. Piqued, Paula decides to do the same. With one click, it registers on a site for virtual meetings. "I want a man (40-50), cultured and curious, loving and brain, to build a lasting relationship. Married men, a seductive evening and allergic to tobacco, thank you but no thank you .... "
Immediately, a handful of potential lovers offer him go, love and sunsets. Paula agrees with the types of encounters unlikely, finds himself having sex with strangers, believed to have finally unearthed the good ... until he left behind in a swingers club. At each meeting, Paula falls a little lower down in a bottomless abyss. Paula is actually the heroine of the movie "E-Love" to be broadcast on Arte and TV5 Monde in June. It interprets Anne Consigny divinely Paula and Anne Villaceque who made this film, presented in the Festival de Luchon Creations television on Friday. "E-Love" is directly inspired by a book written by Dominique Baqué, an academic in search of love. Terribly in tune with the times, this film rings loud and true. On the net, you can find anything. Including married couples in search of adultery. Indeed, Gleeden.com, French leader dating site for married people looking for extramarital affairs, should take to the Valentine's mark of 300 000 registered!
Sophie Vigroux Library pink
Love and sex are an odd couple. Originally, they were not really compatible. Under de Gaulle, the men only thought it and the girls did not. Later, May 68 helping, they began to think very hard to direouvertement, but to retain, however, make public what they thought. Complicated stuff. And then, little by little, they played the pert, so that they also only think that, just as guys, maddened by so daring, felt bloated romance. They may eventually meet. "We dared to do what was not done, it should not. We fought to be free, so that the indecency of love becomes the love of indecency, "says cartoonist Georges Wolinski end of his big book" Sexuality of the French, De Gaulle to Sarkozy "( Ed Drugstore / Arte, 367 p., 49 €). But he adds wistfully: "The trivialization of the license leads to sometimes miss the charm of innocence that made them shiver timid love of our youth." Another look, one of the very serious collection "Que sais-je?" On "100 Words of Love" (128 p, 9 €): Definitions for adultery, cunnilingus, dildo, orgasm, for those who do not know what it is. Shown little book, "To be a sex goddess" (First Editions, 237P, 6.90 €), with testimonials, recipes and tips. Finally, "love and erotic poetry" (Omnibus, 127P, 23 €), by Robert Desnos Ovid, Pierre Jean Genet Louÿs! Sex, love and poetry! Expert "Love needs to be lived '
Do not you think that this year Valentine's Day seems to be more discreet?
Love is so now marketing a celebration of love, that is less important. Now, love is programmed into reality TV, be loving what! and declarations, to serenade the window, it changed to a faster tempo ... What I mean is that we are far Peynet lovers.
The festival has a little side compulsory ...
I think we do not care, honestly! Me for example, in issuing tea or coffee, Catherine Ceylac wonder what I will do for Valentine's Day, I told him that I eat pancakes!
However, love does he not need to be celebrated?
No, love needs to be lived. A feast of love is a bit beta, love, it is lived every day, every night, all life. A single day to say I'm in love is the same suspect, those who celebrate Valentine's Day may have something to be forgiven.
A site dedicated to adultery brags to spend this weekend the mark of 300 ... 000 members
that for example, they have reason to schedule this ad for Valentine's Day, which would be interesting is the bouquet of adultery. This site is for Berlusconi! .... No, love is you are me, I am you and I think about you at all times of my life, even if you no longer there. A woman or a man who was in love with someone who has disappeared ...
A couple who embodies the love?
M. and Madame de Gaulle ... No, I will answer differently: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, and Romeo and Juliet, and me and the girl I like ...

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