Friday, February 18, 2011

Born This Way Madness

The wave Born This Way sweeping Quebec. The new song of Lady Gaga, she read in the last Grammy Awards, is selling like hotcakes, and relentlessly demanding the listeners with radio stations.
According to the record label Universal, 44 000 copies of "Born This Way were sold at home in three days, from Friday to Sunday, mostly on iTunes.
"The record is 40,000 in a week, said Jonathan Bergeron, representing the promotion and marketing at Universal.
It's been 15 years that I do that, and I've never seen people wait for a radio toune also anxiously. "
In Quebec, Born This Way has sold 7200 copies, 4500 in Montreal. "A good week is 1000 copies, compares Jonathan Bergeron.
If it goes well, we could go beyond 80,000 copies (sold in Canada), sees it.
On the Montreal market, the second position in sales chart is occupied by Rihanna, which sold 955 copies of his song S & M, followed Enrique Iglesias (700 copies Tonight) and Usher (630 copies of More).
According to the representative of Universal, the success of Born This Way (which will also be the title of the third album by Lady Gaga, due in May) due to two things: the wait and the global success of his interpreter.
"The toune is no better than Just Dance and Alejandro, but it's the biggest star we have seen emerge over the past ten or fifteen years," Jonathan Bergeron analysis.
In radio since Friday
The song was released to radio stations in North America at 6 am Friday morning.
"We did not expect that the radio stations play too early, or they play it every hour. It's really exceptional, "says Jonathan Bergeron, recalling that there was no leak before the official release.
In Montreal, NRJ has heard the song Lady Gaga at 6 pm 04, Friday morning.
"Our station in Gatineau has played at 6 pm 02, says Chloe Boissonnault, spokesperson of the antenna.
"Once we knew that the new song would be launched, it created a snowball effect, announcing they would be the first radio station in Quebec to play. "
Since Friday morning, Born This Way was heard 46 times on the radio NRJ in Montreal.
"We received over 25,000 applications in Internet and listeners," says Boissonnault.
It is an emblematic artist of our music format, "she said, comparing his popularity on the radio, the reputation of artists like the Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna and Katy Perry.
Ten for
The same phenomenon is also CKOI lives. "Love him or hate, there is a favorable wind to Lady Gaga, explains André St-Amand, Vice-President, Programs Cogeco stations.
Madonna is still very hot, but I remember one time when, as soon as it came out a song, it was madness in radio stations. I do not know if Lady Gaga will have the same longevity, but it feels like reliving the same thing. "
According to Mr. St. Amand, listeners CKOI, and even rhythm-FM (which turns the song from yesterday), occur in large numbers to demand Born This Way.
"It's ten to one against the second most requested song. "

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