Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Miley Cyrus attends the former Amy Winehouse?

On some images unveiled this week, Miley Cyrus seems to enjoy the company of Josh Bowman, his co-star of the movie "So Undercover. " This young man has ever attended Amy Winehouse.Cyrus and Bowman were seen enjoying himself at Griffith Park in Los Angeles this weekend. He embraced her and, at one point, he even kissed the girl on the forehead.A source close to Cyrus told People that they were merely friends and she was single. Another informant said, however, they attend more friendly.
Cyrus Bowman seems to have moved closer during the shooting of their film. In January, they have been sighted among others as they returned to their hotel in New Orleans together.

Bowman, a former British rugby player, Amy Winehouse visited briefly in 2009.

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