Friday, February 25, 2011

LIVE. Libya protesters amid the shelling in Tripoli

Then they hold the entire eastern part of the country and progress to the west, this Friday, the day of prayer, opponents of the regime of Colonel Gaddafi called for a rally in Tripoli. The "Guide" Will it withstand the pressure of the people? Thursday, in another speech to the people he accused bin Laden of manipulating the Libyans and did not appear ready to relinquish power. Meanwhile, remittances continue and the international community amplifies its pressure. The Security Council of the United Nations in particular must meet this Friday to address the issue of the crisis in Libya and the Council of Human Rights the UN must decide on a suspension of Libya from the organization.
1:56 p.m.. The euphoria in Benghazi, Libya's second city fell to insurgents, gave way to fear of attack against the forces of Muammar Gaddafi. While many speak to march on Tripoli to "liberate" the capital, opponents of Gaddafi, including units of the army who defected to join the uprising, already seem ill-equipped to defend the city.
1:54 p.m.. The two daughters of the former Chief of Protocol of Muammar Gaddafi, Nouri al-Mismar, exiled in France, abducted Wednesday are "always monitored" in their apartment in Tripoli by "henchmen of Gaddafi," said the lawyer Mr. El-Mismar, Mr. Frederick Landon. Their removal follows comments made by their father against the Libyan leader. "They were molested and forcibly brought back to their apartment where they can not leave and they are always supervised by Gaddafi's henchmen," said Mr. Landon.
1:52 p.m.. The boat chartered by the U.S. government has left Tripoli at 11:37 GMT (24:37 French time) to Malta with "over 300 persons on board" with half of U.S. citizens, today announced the spokesman for the State Department, Philip Crowley .
13h50. According to AFP, citing witnesses reached by telephone, demonstrators were fired on the Libyan forces in several districts of Tripoli, leaving the prayer.
13.30. Opponents who control the Libyan embassy in Paris since Thursday night would leave later in the afternoon, now that the Libyan ambassador to France has resigned. Thursday night, a small dozen opponents had entered the premises and took control of the embassy. "We're not thugs. We are students, "explained the latter, according to a journalist from Paris, this place this afternoon. They denounced the "terrorist Gaddafi, waving pictures of unsustainable abuses in their country by Libyan troops.
1:25 p.m.. A driver of a Libyan aircraft ensuring the Paris-Tripoli forced to land Thursday evening in Valletta because of the chaos in the Libyan capital, accused the Maltese authorities have treated its passengers so "inhumane". According to Rafik Ben Ali, the aircraft he was piloting of Afriqiyah Airways has been surrounded by soldiers Maltese after landing and the passengers were not allowed to leave the airport to sleep in nearby hotels.
1:22 p.m.. "We have no money or food, we almost died of hunger." A worker in Bangladesh working on a construction site in the desert of Libya tells how his employer had abandoned him and his colleagues, in the midst of chaos. Kabir Hossain, 24, is one of the 60,000 Bangladeshis left for Libya to work as workers in contract construction. Despite the violence, his country, one of the poorest in South Asia, said he had no plan for immediate evacuation.
13:20. The ambassadors of Libya in France and Unesco resign. Salah Abdul Salam Zaren Galal and condemn "acts of repression in Libya" and announce that they "join the revolution", in a statement read outside the embassy in Paris.
1:10 p.m.. France "does not see the need for a Board meeting of Nato" on Libya, requested by the Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said Friday the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bernard Valero.
13 hours. According to information gathered near the Libyan embassy in Paris by the journalist of Le Parisien, the Libyan ambassador in France could soon announce his resignation this afternoon.
12:45. Musratha, the third city in Libya, some 150 km east of Tripoli, was deserted by loyalists to the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. One resident said heavy fighting broke out between "the mujahedeen Hamza battalion consists of about 500 soldiers deployed to the airbase" at about 4 km from the city. "There were about thirty martyrs among our fighters," but the "mujahideen will launch a new assault against the base." If this information is confirmed, it would mean that the anti-Gaddafi is approaching the capital from the east side.
12.40. Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade condemns "bloody repression" carried on "unarmed civilians" by the Gaddafi regime. He invited the Libyan authorities, according to a statement, "to exercise restraint, to engage in dialogue and to initiate dialogue in order to support the legitimate demands raised by protesters in Libya. In recent years, President Wade has often displayed next to the Libyan leader, Muammar Kadhadi, who made several visits to Senegal. They are both supporters of the project "United States of Africa."
12:30. According to Al-Jazeera, an important safety device takes place outside mosques in Tripoli. The faithful will soon be out of Friday prayers. The opposition called for a march on Tripoli to drop the Gaddafi regime.
12.20. According to the IEA (International Energy Agency), cited by France24, European refiners who suffer from the drastic decrease in the supply of Libyan crude, would have only about a month in stocks.
12.05. A Benghazi as at Tobruk Libyan insurgents "have nothing to do with Al Qaeda" as claimed by Muammar Gaddafi, claims one witness, a Greek born in Libya, Stelios Bogiatzakis just returned to Athens. "In Benghazi, committees were formed for all, water, customs, the fish market, I know people who try to organize that, they are engineers, lawyers, judges, many are married with strangers, no relation to the Islamists or Al Qaeda. "
11.50. According to France 24, citing Al Jazeera, the Libyan army and police have announced their joining the insurgency in the eastern city of Adjabiya.
11:40. According to Turkish television, who Seif el-Islam, son of the Libyan head of state gave an interview, the family will remain in Libya until Qaddafi death. "Plan A is to live and die in Libya, Plan B is to live and die in Libya, Plan C is to live and die in Libya," said the son of Colonel Gaddafi.
11:32. The German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle is in favor of international sanctions against Libya. "We want concrete sanctions are decided at the Council of the UN Security (...) The European Union must also decide on sanctions." It proposes an embargo on deliveries of weapons and materials safely to Libya and the freezing of Libyan leaders abroad and their refusal to grant visas.
11:25. Europe is waiting for the green light from the UN to establish a control Libyan airspace. The countries of the European Union are preparing to impose a possible no-fly zone to prohibit Libya Libyan military planes to fly, if the UN gives green light, says a European diplomat.
11.20. Rome "has prepared a military operation" to evacuate Italians stranded without food "in the south-eastern Libya," says the Italian Minister of Defense Ignazio La Russa to the TV Sky TG-24.
11:17. The World Food Programme UN warns that the food supply chain in Libya "was in danger of collapse", while humanitarian agencies are concerned that many people are unable to flee the country.
11:07. EU prepares to vote on a possible no-fly zone in Libya on a diplomatic source.
11:05. Qadhafi al-Dam, close adviser and cousin of the Libyan leader, resigned Thursday from all official, announces the Egyptian news agency MENA, quoting a statement from his office in Cairo.
11 hours. A group of Libyan dissidents, who call themselves "children of the revolution," took control of the Libyan embassy in Paris and occupy the premises. "We took over the embassy," said a spokesman of the movement, who wished to remain anonymous. A police cordon prevented entry into the building, including the supply of food for the group of young protesters. Opponents took the premises of the embassy since Thursday evening and drove all staff. "They threaten mass suicide if police intervene," said the spokesman. Rumors of resignation of Ambassadors of Libya in France and to UNESCO, and Abdul Salam Salah Zaren Galal, had circulated Tuesday. But the two diplomats had said they ultimately remained in office, while calling for "stopping terror."
10:57. NATO offers its services to coordinate, in consultation with the European Union, the "huge challenge" posed by the evacuation by air and sea for thousands of foreigners trapped in Libya.
10h 30. "Contempt" total Muammar Gaddafi has led the uprising in Libya, said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay to the Council of Human Rights UN meeting in special session.
10:20. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay concerned about the increased "alarmingly" of repression against a popular revolt in Libya. It puts forward a figure saying that this represión may have made "thousands of dead and wounded."
10:15. The Commission on Human Rights UN starts a special session on Libya after which members of the institution must decide on a suspension of the country of the organization. The 47 members of the institution are summoned on the initiative of the European Union. The Council will vote this afternoon on a draft resolution condemning "systematic and major violations" of human rights committed in the country.

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