Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A 3D image of the sun produced by NASA

Astronomy and Astrophysics NASA confirms the spherical shape of the sun by a 3D reconstruction. Stereo space mission of NASA recently sent the latest three-dimensional images of the sun, whose attempts to discover the secrets. Two satellites were needed, one on each side of the sun, diametrically opposed to continuously disseminate images of this star in all its facets. 

The probes have photographed each half of the sun and transmitted to Earth these images. Scientists have attached photographs and reconstructed the 3D shape of the sun. This is a first in history that we can say, with supporting evidence, that the sun is a sphere. Researchers say more than satisfied with wonder and contemplate the activity of the sun in 3D. Send up its solar storms and predict the direction they take, that's one of the possibilities of this new image transmission from the sun.
Researchers primarily want to address the phenomenon of eruptions on the sun's surface and measure their impact on our planet. The disruption of radio waves, aurora borealis, the improper operation of electrical networks can provide during these solar flares.

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