Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Charles Taylor and his lawyer challenging the SCSL

Former Liberian president Charles Taylor, accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, left the courtroom before the end of the prosecution of the charge. His lawyer had previously done so to protest against the refusal of judges to accept a document of the defense filed very late. This threat does not make its scheduled oral argument on Wednesday: "how posterity will she judge the credibility of the court if Mr. Taylor was prevented from presenting 90% of documents that summarize his argument in his defense, " s' Courtenay Griffiths has insurgents.
Charles Taylor is accused of supplying weapons and ammunition in exchange for diamonds to the RUF rebels during the civil war in Sierra Leone. This war has raged for 10 years until 2001, and has killed over 120,000 people. The ruling should be reserved at the end of the week.

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