Monday, February 7, 2011

Chinese New Year

The Chinese market has been there over a year's premiere of the Tiguan Review grille. The restyled European Tiguan looks like him as a brother, despite a specific front.
Although located in China, Volkswagen will treat his customers. It is fair to Guangzhou in late 2009 that Volkswagen has unveiled a Tiguan in the front while the review model remained unchanged in Europe. This Tiguan restyled front grille sported proudly horizontal now common to almost all Volkswagen models.
The European market has finally entitled to its Tiguan to horizontal grille. The look is identical to the Chinese model but a closer examination uncovers optical and different front bumper. Two shields, although Volkswagen has decided to extend the version Track & Field, having an angle of attack in any significant way.
At the rear, there are new traffic lights (the Chinese version has kept those of the first version), bringing the aesthetic of its big brother Tiguan Touareg. The interior is virtually unchanged for its part, keeping the dashboard of the Golf Plus. The engine range should not suffer revolution: the TSI and TDI engines will still traditional appointments, without we know for now the precise details of the range.
Its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, the Tiguan is restyled already available for order, with a little advance. Demand for the old version has indeed helped to deplete stocks faster than expected. Rates start at € 24,175 for a basic version of Trend & Fun, with IST 122.

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