Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day of clashes in Cairo, at least one dead and 500 injured

Violent clashes broke out between pro and anti Hosni Mubarak in the center of the Egyptian capital. They have caused hundreds of casualties, and at least one death. The opposition maintains its call for a massive mobilization on Friday to demand the departure of the president. Clashes between pro-and anti-Mubarak in Cairo, Tahrir Square, one dead, hundreds injured Violent clashes broke out early Wednesday afternoon in Cairo between supporters of President Hosni Mubarak, guided by power, and opponents calling for his departure (cons video below). Because these days, they had gathered on Tahrir Square in the early morning to demand the departure of President.
The protagonists fought with sticks and throwing stones around army tanks guarding the entrance to the site. At nightfall, the battle was less virulent, but far from calm income.
After remaining passive, according to his promise of neutrality, the army, who had called the anti-Mubarak protesters to go home mid-morning, spoke sometimes with warning shots to try to end the violence.
By early evening, the government gave the first official toll: one dead (called a soldier, fell from a bridge) and 403 injured (none of which reached gunshot). Channel Al-Jazeera for its part said that the balance would be at least a dozen deaths.
The opposition accuses the police, who denies The opposition says its supporters were attacked by policemen in civilian clothes. The government denies. It also accuses the power play rotting.
The Egyptian Museum protected The battle has also won the outskirts of the Egyptian Museum, which houses priceless treasures of the ancient Pharaohs. The soldiers formed a human chain to protect the institution, but in the late afternoon, two petrol bombs landed in the courtyard of the museum.
Internet revives Cut since Friday (except through indirect means), the network is available again in part since Monday, and mobile communications. It is a gesture of relaxation of power.
Mubarak rejects international calls After repeated calls to do so by the international community, including the United States, power has rejected Wednesday afternoon Demanez for an immediate transition of power. "It is very sad to see foreign countries as the western United States, Britain and France, and even Turkey, which is seeking a role in any circumstance, poke their nose into the developments in Egypt," said Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Hossam Zaki, calling these countries to "mind their own business."
Opposition not satisfied with Mubarak's speech Despite progress, the opposition has indicated it again dialogue and calls to end the protest after a start of Hosni Mubarak. It also maintains its call for a mass demonstration Friday, the day of prayer, called "Friday's departure" to address the President. It hopes to raise even more people than Tuesday.

Video: Egypt: tear gas and Molotov cocktails

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