Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Egypt: Tens of thousands of demonstrators Tahrir Square

CAIRO - Tens of thousands of demonstrators had gathered Tuesday Tahrir Square in central Cairo to mark the third week of unprecedented protest movement demanding the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, according to an AFP journalist.
Tahrir Square (Liberation), the epicenter of the revolt since 25 January, was packed with people early in the afternoon.
Many protesters wore Egyptian flags and banners which read "the people want to bring down the regime," motto of the protest movement.
"We are the people we are the power," chanted the protesters.
"Young people using Facebook," another banner proclaimed, in reference to the social networking site that allowed the young protesters to relay the calls to protest.
"We heard that a million people were demonstrating today," said Mahmoud el-Naggar, 26, arrived from Fayoum (south of Cairo) with a group of friends.
In other Egyptian cities, nearly 20,000 people also demonstrated against the regime, including 5,000 to Alexandria (north) and 5,000 Minya, Sohag, but also and Assiut (south of Cairo).
"None of our requests has been heard," said Mohammad Nizar, 36, Tahrir Square.
"They have announced a wage increase. They try to fool ourselves. It is a pot of wine to reduce the policy to silence people," he said, adding that "people did not trust the (new) government ", formed last week.
Mr. Mubarak, 82 years and almost 30 years as head of state, has created a commission to amend the Constitution, under the "national dialogue" launched Sunday between government and opposition which, for the first time, the Muslim Brotherhood, the regime until nemesis.
On Monday, the Head of State promised a 15% increase in salaries of civil servants and pensions from 1 April. He also called for the formation of a commission of inquiry into the violence of February 2, Tahrir Square, where deadly clashes pitted supporters of the regime and opposition to Mr. Mubarak.
But policy measures - including the announcement on 1 February that the president would disappear at the end of his fifth term in September - have not calmed the anger of the demonstrators.

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