Monday, February 7, 2011

End of an era Richard Martel

Richard Martel, the savior of 2002, is dismissed. The news surprised even if the rumors of his replacement became more and more persistent. The team was returning from a profitable trip abroad. She had bleached including the perennial dominant Gatineau Olympiques, thus ending a long drought.
But the atmosphere had changed. After four years of perpetual reconstruction, the impatience of fans had formed a powerful groundswell that will eventually take the head coach. Richard Martel knew that the time and circumstances were playing against him. He must have felt enormous pressure when President Guy Carbonneau took the initiative early in the season, moved behind him to better observe the game
Second dismissal
This is the second time in 21 seasons - a record for longevity among head coaches of the Junior Hockey League Quebec Major - he was fired. There were only 12 games to play when he was kicked out of Val-d'Or Val-d'Or, in 1997, following a disagreement with the team president. It was a dark period. The team had reached maturity. She also swept their opponents in the qualifying rounds for finally bowing to the Memorial Cup tournament.
Richard Martel had subsequently enrolled at McGill to learn English in order to run a junior team in the West. His project remained on hold after calling the Baie-Comeau, he led the championship. Then he heard the call of Chicoutimi. When he accepted the offer of the management team languishing in the cellar of their division after being bleached on three occasions. The ascent began with a 6-3 victory against the Rimouski Oceanic and Sidney Crosby who sat enthroned at the top of the rankings. It lasted for several weeks. Supporters returned Centre Georges-Vezina.
But after eight years of rule Martel, they openly questioned. Management has heard. It works. But recognize the driver-record holder in the QMJHL the merit of giving luster to Saguenéens that went nowhere before returning to his hometown. And he has maneuvered well in the case Louis Leblanc, the gifted who finally agreed to return to Quebec to wear the colors of the Montreal Juniors. He tore the excellent services Guillaume Asselin and future considerations.
TV show home tour
The cycle of perpetual reconstruction, which is the rule of major junior hockey, has obviously faltered. ECT should be applied for change. The team is changing and the draft picks should allow the continuation of a significant improvement. Provided of course that the best candidates do not lend an ear to the sirens of the national media that tells them the way American universities or other options. For the QMJHL is the target of a systematic campaign of vilification in recent seasons.
The national media ridiculed the efforts to encourage further studies. Do the designers of the series of 10 one-hour programs that the CBC is about to turn on "the bottom of junior hockey where most young people dream of becoming the future Sydney Crosby" are the same year? The authors describe the tumultuous life of members of a team of junior hockey with Saguenay, in the background, doping and dreams of parents cheated too ambitious.
Saguenay will be featured twice in the coming months.
In the meantime, appreciate the excellent work done by Richard Martel. Former head coach should not be idle too long. As for Guy Carbonneau, it will further increase the visibility of the regional team. The people wish him much success as when it was boosted crowds by his ardor and his playing electrifying.

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