Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jean Charest sacking his chief of staff

QUEBEC CITY - Faced with the discontent and dissatisfaction that persist at the site of his government, Premier Jean Charest makes a difference in his bodyguard.
Mr. Charest has sacked his chief of staff, Marc Croteau, to replace Luc Bastien, well-known liberals. Mr. Bastien was until now Chief Secretary to the Minister of Transport, Sam Hamad.
A few years ago, Luc Bastien had been forced to resign from his position as Chief of Staff of the Minister of Justice, Yvon Marcoux, following allegations concerning the financing of the Liberal Party during the election campaign of 1998.
The opposition parties wasted no time before denouncing the appointment. The Parti Quebecois and the Action Democratique du Quebec say that the change of guard will not give anything.
"[Prime Minister] said he wants to turn the page in the beginning of the session. His first move is to get a chief of staff who was involved in the sponsorship scandal, who resigned as Chief Secretary to the Minister of Justice. Then it completely failed and it shows a blatant lack of Judgement! "Launched Agnes Maltais, PQ.
"These are cosmetic changes. The problem is not the entourage of the Prime Minister is the Prime Minister himself who makes decisions, "she said about Sylvie Roy of the ADQ.

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