Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Le Journal de Quebec fears a second lockout

(Quebec) After their painful lockout of 16 months, the Journal de Québec employees still fear that Pierre Karl Peladeau make them taste the same medicine again in two years.
The president of the union of writing, Denis Bolduc, shared the concerns of journalists with Quebecor parliamentarians yesterday. The aftermath of the conflict that sent them on the sidewalk for over a year are bitter.
"I tell you that everything is fine, but unfortunately this is not the case," said Bolduc, before the Committee on Economy and Labour. "One wonders if Quebecor does not already prepared a new lock-out in two and a half years."
Record of grievances
Since signing the last contract, a record number of complaints have been filed, "says Bolduc. Quebecor does not respect its commitments, nor as regards the "multitasking" or the "multiplatform." It took two years before it reaches the floor of jobs promised. "The employer has tried to escape with an actuarial surplus of $ 4.2 million that belongs to the workers," he adds.
Journalists often ask their union president about the possibility that history repeats itself at the end of their contract. "I am asking all day and I have no answer," says Bolduc.
The secretary general of the FTQ, Daniel Boyer, were 14 lockouts in 15 years in the business of Quebecor. "That fact that I think we need to resolve the situation once and for all there," he says. Mr. Boyer also invites the Government to consider the merger which has "led to several blunders at the whim of some media moguls."
Earlier, the CSN president Claudette Carbonneau, had to defend himself for having torpedoed an agreement between Mr. Peladeau and President of the Syndicate of Workers of the information of the Journal de Montréal in December 2008. Became heated when responding to the ADQ Francis Bonnardel and independent Eric Cairo.
Also, the president of the Employers Council of Quebec, Jean-Yves Dorval, threatened to reactivate a Supreme Court challenge of the anti-scab legislation if Quebec becomes aware of the cure.

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