Sunday, February 6, 2011

The leadership of the ruling party resigns

Saturday the 12th day of movement, the National Democratic Party's leadership resigned in power
Among these leaders are Hosni Mubarak and his son Gamal, whose thousands of opposition protesters demanding the resignation since January 25.
The new Secretary General of NDP is Hossam Badrawi, member of the liberal wing of the party.
Egyptian state television has announced the end of the day Saturday that "members of the Executive Committee (Mr. Mubarak's party) have resigned from their posts. Washington immediately called the resignations of "positive step towards political change necessary", adding: "We expect the extra mile."
The president's son, Gamal Mubarak, was ousted as president of the NDP's policy committee, in favor of Mr. Badrawi also known to have good relations with the opposition. Gamal Mubarak, 47, was until recently considered by many as the potential successor to his father, in power since 1981.
For his part, Obama "underlined the importance of an orderly and peaceful beginning immediately, to a government meeting the aspirations of the Egyptian people, including credible negotiations between the government and the opposition," said the American presidency.
Explosion of gas pipeline Saturday morning, unknown persons detonated Zouwayed Sheikh in Sinai, just 10 kilometers from the Gaza Strip, a pipeline supplying Jordan. The pipeline, which is divided into two sections, one carrying gas to Jordan, the other towards Israel, is located in the town of Lehfen in northern Sinai. "The pipeline to Jordan was attacked and disrupted the supply of Israel," said an Egyptian official told AFP.
In Jerusalem, Israel Radio, quoting the words of the Egyptian governor of El-Arish said that the attack had not caused any damage to underwater pipeline 100 km long, which transports gas from Al-Arish ( Egypt) to the Israeli port of Ashkelon, near Tel Aviv. The fire was contained after three hours. Following the attack, Israel decided on Saturday to suspend temporarily its imports of Egyptian natural gas.
The bureau chief of Al-Jazeera released The Qatari satellite channel Al-Jazeera said Saturday that the director of its office in Cairo, Abdel Fattah Fayed, and one of its journalists, Mohammed Fawi, were released after the ransacking of the office.
Mr Fayed was arrested Saturday with another journalist, Ahmed Yousef, a day after the sacking of his Cairo office, said the chain has been prohibited since January 30 by the Egyptian authorities. Mr. Yousef was on his side still held by the Egyptian authorities.
The channel, which largely covers the uprising against President Hosni Mubarak, has always had tense relations with the Egyptian government. The broadcast of the chain was broken on the satellite within the Egyptian government, Nilesat. All of its journalists have been revoked their accreditation in Egypt and nine of its reporters were briefly detained in recent days, she said.
A Hamas leader escaped from an Egyptian prison back in Gaza A military leader of Hamas returned Saturday in the Gaza Strip after escaping from prison on the fringes of protests in Egypt. Ayman Nofal was arrested in early 2008 at the Egyptian Sinai, says it.
Five other Palestinian militants who were incarcerated in the prison of Abu Zaabal in Cairo this week have returned to Gaza via smuggling tunnels to escape the Egyptian border controls.

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