Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LIVE. Egypt: More than a million demonstrators gathered in Cairo

Egypt could live a historic day Tuesday after a week of upheaval. Over one million people are currently gathered in Tahrir Square (Liberation Square), Cairo, demanding the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. The position of the Egyptian army, who said Monday night that the people's demands were "legitimate" and pledged not to use force, could mark a turning point in the conflit.Celui it did in least 125 people dead and thousands injured in a week. The UN puts forward a balance of 300 dead Monday already, scenes of fraternization between soldiers and protesters had been observed.
2:55 p.m.. The U.S. ordered the departure of nonessential personnel from the embassy.
14:45. People are beginning to return home, many "for fear of looters to monitor their homes," they explain. But others continue to arrive and prepare to spend the night there. In hotels, the army has again requested that the upper floors to be released "for security reasons and that customers are grouped together," says the special correspondent of the "Parisian".
2:34 p.m.. Near the place, youth are provided with trash bags and pick up household trash that litter the ground, even to the sort seen in the recycling ...
2:19 p.m.. The curfew is in force for 19 minutes (15 hours, local time), but protesters continue to pour into the center, said the special envoy of the "Parisian". The protesters put the number of two million people and around Tahrir Square. However, some are beginning to turn back. The sun is now warped and a cold wind rose. Helicopters continue to rotate in the sky.
2:12 p.m.. A committee representing the Egyptian opposition forces, including Mohamed ElBaradei and the Muslim Brotherhood, said he will not enter negotiations before the start of Hosni Mubarak. The committee requires the departure and the formation of a unity government to prepare elections "transparent."
2:09 p.m.. Military police set up roadblocks near the residence of President Hosni Mubarak, said the television channel Al Jazeera.
2:02 p.m.. "Mubarak insists on not to leave. He will not be humiliated, "said the Egyptian actor Omar Sharif in the British channel BBC continuous news. Population "wants new faces, she wants a true democracy, which is great because (...) I have never heard anyone talk about democracy in Egypt," he continues, when asked in Cairo.
13h50. Approximately 50 000 people gathered outside the mosque Qaeda Ibrahim and the railway station in the center of Alexandria, the second city of Egypt. Protesters await others joined them to walk on the waterfront, as an organizer was quoted by the AFP.
13:45. Mohamed ElBaradei wants an "honorable exit" for Hosni Mubarak
1:35 p.m.. Germany "strongly discouraged" from Tuesday trips "to the whole of Egypt," according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "This recommendation includes the tourist areas of the Red Sea" which were previously excluded, "although the situation there is calm now," the statement said.
13.30. France insisted that "the blood stops flowing" in Egypt, where 300 people have died since the protests began according to the UN said Tuesday the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
1:17 p.m.. More than a million people gathered in downtown Cairo, according to several sources. Mass protests begin in most cities across the country, announces Al Jazeera.
1:10 p.m.. "We stay until he leaves." Tahrir Square is always full and overflowing on deck now in Kufr over the River Nile. "It's not just a demonstration, we made our revolution!" Ahmed insists that goes with a firm step toward the square.
1:01 p.m.. Thousands of people continue to flock to Tahrir Square in Cairo but also from surrounding cities. They come despite the cessation of rail traffic, by car, bus or hitchhiking. Arriving in Cairo, you park where you can, just anywhere, says the special correspondent of the "Parisian".
12:55. Hundreds of protestors leave their impressions on Twitter via Speak2Tweet, a system launched by Google and Twitter allow private Internet Egyptians to leave voice messages by phone. Evidence which is then relayed to the web.
12:50. The Muslim Brotherhood refused to negotiate with Hosni Mubarak or his government.
24:38. President Hosni Mubarak is to leave power "by Friday," said Mohamed ElBaradei, the opponent to the satellite channel Al Arabiya.
12:33. There are now hundreds of thousands of people on Tahrir Square.
24:24. The curfew will fall to 15 hours, instead of 13 hours, as rumor suggests, keeps saying on state television.
12:19. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, evokes the figure of 300 deaths since the start of the protest movement in Egypt, saying it was "unconfirmed reports".
24:16. Unesco calls for the safeguarding of the heritage of Egypt, calling for measures to protect the "treasures" of the country, "Cairo, Luxor and all other cultural and tourist site."
24:14. Representatives of the Embassy of France are at the Cairo airport to help French citizens, so it is more difficult to board. On site, thousands of foreigners wishing to leave the country.
11.55. "We are ready to die!". The determination of the demonstrators is flawless. "On the place where an immense crowd still flowing in, the atmosphere begins to tighten," said Jamshid Ava, Special Envoy of the "Parisian". ... Persistent rumors indicate the presence of plainclothes officers infiltrated the demonstrators also watch some men traveling alone with suspicion. "They suspect them of wanting to pull to compel the military to react and punish, so that the people turned to the army," explains Ava again.
11:45. "Yuri Ashab eskhat rai", "yuri ashab eskhat al Nazam," "the people want the fall of Rai" and "the people want the government to fall," are the two most slogans thrown at Tahrir Square. Banners and flags are waved in all languages, even in Korea, reports the Special Envoy of the "Parisian".
11:34. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday urged the Egyptian regime of Hosni Mubarak to "respond without hesitation to change the will" of his people.
11:22. A journalist from Al Arabiya reports that the Egyptian army distributes leaflets again ensuring the people's support. In an official statement released yesterday, the military has deemed "legitimate" claims of the Egyptian people.
11:17. After rating agency Moody's on Monday, it was the turn of Standard & Poor's lowered the rating one notch to Egypt Tuesday. "From our point of view, political instability and unrest will slow economic growth in Egypt and affect public finances," the agency said in a statement.
11:08. The center is fully congested, traffic jams formed as thousands of people continue to flock to Tahrir Square with banners and flags, see the special envoy of the "Parisian". It moves with the family, many women and children want to take part in the march.
10:54. "We are looking for a leader stupid, oppressive and has been in power for 30 years ... If you find it, please, bring him to the airport, "says a man with the megaphone on Tahrir Square in Cairo, reports Dan Nolan, Al Jazeera reporter.
10:45. The Egyptian army closes access to Cairo and other cities where demonstrators plan to go to the "march of the million". The highway linking Cairo to Alexandria is also blocked one kilometer from the capital by an army checkpoint. Rail traffic remained suspended him since Monday and the subway line linking Cairo to Shubra el-Kheima (20 km north) was closed.
10.35. According to the Special Envoy of the "Paris" hotel guests in the vicinity of Tahrir Square are asked to leave the upper floors for safety. They are relocated to lower floors.
10:20. The special correspondent of the "Parisian" notes, leaving the perimeter of the square framed by the military, impressive lines of protesters who are awaiting access to Tahrir Square. Demonstrators must indeed pass control of the army.
10:15. Mohamed ElBaradei said in the British newspaper "The Independent", if the president "really wants to save his skin, he'd better go." "When a system completely removes the police from the streets of Cairo, when the rioters are part of the secret police to try to give the impression that without Mubarak, the country will plunge into chaos, it is a crime (... ), "said the Egyptian opposition.
10 hours. "A veritable human tide invaded Tahrir Square. There are many more people than previous days, "says the special correspondent of the" Paris ", which emphasizes strengthening the precautionary measures. "Today, the soldiers no longer content with identity papers, they also dig the bags, she says. A special atmosphere prevails here. Today, we see new faces, academics, members of civil society, people from cities outside Cairo. We feel that people are determined to make things happen, to go through, but also a certain tension, because many fear that the police managed to infiltrate the crowd and make the skid situation. "
9:20. "Given what I know of the great revolutionary people of Egypt, who is currently making history, I am sure they will play a role in the creation of an Islamic Middle East for all those in quest for freedom, justice and independence, "said Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi, quoted Tuesday by state television. He denounced U.S. interference in the popular movement "in search of freedom."
9:02. According to the television channel Al-Jazeera, people form human chains in the vicinity of Tahrir Square to check those who come do not carry weapons.
8:51. In a statement, fifty Egyptian Organization for Human Rights Human called Mubarak to withdraw to "avoid a bloodbath."
8:37. Protesters flock from all sides on Tahrir Square, where nearly 50,000 people are currently, according to Al-Jazeera. Two giant screens were mounted on the square where you sang "Hey you, police, and your uniform with your hat, we are brothers and not enemies" or "Muslims, Christians, we are all Egyptians."
8:28. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is willing to help Egypt to rebuild its economy, "said Dominique Strauss-Kahn, its managing director.
8:15. All French tourists are returned by the end of the week, according to René-Marc Chikli, president of Ceto (Association of French tour operators). "There are still about 600 French tourists on the Red Sea and thirty in Cairo," which will be repatriated.
7.30. Helicopters regularly fly over downtown Cairo, and many army controls access to downtown, while more and more people converging towards Tahrir Square. Protesters throw slogans like "Out Mubarak" and brandishing posters of the president hanged, or photograph with the words "your head will fall."
7 hours. Over 5000 people are already gathered in central Cairo, where should be organized a huge demonstration against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.
6 hours. China will send at least four additional aircraft to repatriate up to 2,000 of its nationals from Egypt, announces civil aviation.
4 hours. The price of crude stays above $ 100 a barrel in electronic trading in Asia. The markets fear that the unrest in Egypt disrupt supply via the Suez Canal, analysts say.
0:40. The U.S. internet group Google announces that it has cooperated with Twitter over the weekend to set up a system allowing the Egyptians to send messages on the microblogging site by phone, bypassing the blockage of the Internet.
0:10. The first two flights chartered by Canada left Cairo to Frankfurt, Germany. The Air Canada plane was evacuated "more or less than 200 Canadians" and nationals of allied countries, said Dimitri Soudas, spokesman for Prime Minister Harper, in a message on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

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