Sunday, February 6, 2011

MAM: "I will not go up more in a private plane"

 Minister admits to having made a mistake by getting into the private jet Aziz Miled.
"Is it because I was slammed?". Michèle Alliot-Marie, in the heart of the storm after agreeing to travel on two occasions, aboard a private jet bound for Tunisia, recalls, micro Marc-Olivier Fogiel on Europe 1, fatigue and the pace of life as a minister, perhaps, the reasons that have lowered its guard.
"It is true that Minister 24 hours 24, but with the momentum we have, from time to time we need to rest. And in those moments we forget the performance, it was a mistake "said she.
"For 20 years I have always tried to pay for everything. My personal travel, I always tried to settle myself," said the minister. "Outside of my duties I always travel in airliner and trying to live as normally as possible," she says.
"But this sequence is not. So is it because I was slammed and finding myself in a friendly, I relaxed and I saw that the friendly relations and not not what it could cause? Yes, it is possible and I regret deeply, "she admits. Minister assures Aziz Miled, the owner of the private jet, he was never asked anything in return.

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