Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Medvedev removes the time change summer / winter

MOSCOW - Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday ordered the maintenance throughout the year from the DST in Russia to allow the population to be exposed to longer daylight.
Like other European countries, Russia's nine time zones, ends in the fall to DST and back the hands of the clocks an hour in October, which, when one gets up in the morning to have a little more light.
Suddenly, darkness falls earlier and scientists felt that this opportunity to reduce the duration of exposure to sunlight affects the health and increased pollution.
"I decided, starting this fall, remove the winter time," said the Russian president at a conference of scientists.
"The increase in daylight will benefit (the people), not to mention the cows that do not support when it comes to milk at different times."
According to a statement distributed by the Kremlin, the initiative should increase exposure to daylight for seven to 17% depending on the region.
Medvedev had already suggested reducing the number of time zones and remove the return to winter time in a speech delivered to Parliament two years ago.
The number of time zones has been reduced from 11 to nine in March, in a country that stretches over 10,000 km. This had led to complaints in some areas where the population has deplored a reduction in the time of exposure to light because of this initiative.
The removal of the winter time should increase the electricity consumption of one billion kw / h, or 0.01% of total volume, said the statement from the Kremlin.
But Arkady Dvorkovich, Kremlin economic adviser, told reporters that the energy loss would be insignificant given the goal of reducing energy consumption by 40% by 2020 recently set by Medvedev.

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