Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nokia: a strategic shift to 180 ° expected Friday

Stephen Elop, the new CEO of Nokia, could clean up the giant's head of mobile phone and turn to Microsoft to revive his company. Nokia is in crisis. After missing the lucrative smartphone running, the builder is forced to move. Starting with his head. The Wall Street Journal, 7 February, several executives could soon be thanked by Stephen Elop, the new CEO of the group. 
Former Microsoft, Stephen Elop took the leadership of Nokia in September 2010. It should clarify its reorganization plans this Friday, February 11, at a meeting of financial analysts in London. Still according to the Wall Street Journal, the managers should be informed of their dismissal on the eve of the meeting. The disruption should go well beyond the top 10 executives from Nokia. The manufacturer will change the head of its research and development, to place a person with high competence in software, further proof that the battle is now about Operating System (OS) for mobile phones. Radical changes It is true that Nokia remains riveted on the Symbian OS, considered by many as outdated and unable to fight against the OS from Google and Apple. During a conference call with investors about the figures for the fourth quarter of 2010, Elop was warned he was prepared to fundamentally change the strategy of Nokia in the field. The CEO said that Nokia would change his attitude and see themselves as a challenger in the smartphone market. Nokia with Microsoft? Nokia makes no announcement of phones at Mobile World Congress (MWC), the worldwide exhibition of telephony to be held in Barcelona from February 14 to 17 next. Therefore the conference of 11 February on the eve of the MWC, as expected. Having teamed up with Intel to develop Meego, an operating system for tablets and smartphones running the Intel Atom, Nokia could turn toward Microsoft to seek a new impetus. But it is a giant in the PC world, Microsoft is a dwarf in telephony: only 2% market share for its Windows 7 Phone, it is true still young. Whatever its new strategic direction, Nokia probably plays this year its future and its position as number one worldwide.

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