Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the menu this week

On the menu this week from Saturday, February 5, 2011
So sport is skiing Deer Valley in Park City, Utah, for the World Championships of Freestyle. On the menu this week:
Top-10 Canadian results in Deer Valley Since 2000, this ski resort, beloved athletes from around the world and located in the Wasatch Mountains of Park City, Utah, has hosted stages of World Cup freestyle skiing. Deer Valley also rhymes with success for the Canadians; So you sport this top-10 best Canadian performance at this location.
Pierre-Alexandre Rousseau last lap he travels the snowy slopes around the world for 15 years. This week in Deer Valley, he will attend his last World Championships. He dreams of an ultimate hat trick in the Canadian moguls, as he did twice in 2009 with his teammates Alexandre Bilodeau and Vincent Marquis. So sport invites you to the last lap of Pierre-Alexandre.
The legacy of Pierre-Alexandre Rousseau Pierre-Alexandre Rousseau said at the beginning of the season: "I intend to give everything I have for this last season but I want above all to please me. "When he started, he was the" new kid "and now is the little old man, the most experienced hard worker on the circuit. Far from his teammates than his rivals, needed a word: RESPECT. So this sport you Pierre-Alexandre seen by their peers.
Hockey and speed skating short track, a link? Through hard training at the Maurice Richard Arena, the guys from the Canadian short track team have developed a passion for hockey. A passion? More than that! Our skaters are real maniacs and even have their own pool house! Every morning in the dressing room before training is adjusted accounts. And this is where we find them.
Andreanne Morin: it is the Paddle, even on the icy St. Lawrence ice canoe: a tradition that dates from the 17th century. At the time, was the only way to cross the river between Quebec City and Levis, and now it's become a sport. As for rowing, it dates from the 18th century, and finds himself at the Olympics since the inception of the modern Games in 1896. Shared by these two sports, apart from a similar technique? 'll Discover with Olympian in rowing Andreanne Morin and the boat's crew, ice-BD Zion, which introduces us to this sport is practiced according mythical ice of the St. Lawrence.
Vlog: Alex Harvey and Italian dolce vita The town of Livigno, Italy, is located in the heart of the Italian Alps, and this is Alex Harvey has chosen to train in preparation for World Championships skiing. Why Italy, why this small town paradise? Alex explains it in a flash camera!

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