Friday, February 4, 2011

Packers euphoric

For the first time since 1998, the Packers have a rendezvous with the Super Bowl. Already sacred three times, the Wisconsin team has changed. She now relies on a new-look formation, led by the successor to Brett Favre: Aaron Rodgers.
He left three years ago, but his shadow does not take long to dissipate in Green Bay. For Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of 27 years, has seized his chance. In three seasons, the good guy's arm was so long allowed to replace the living legend Brett Favre. And this Sunday, he will have the opportunity, as his eldest now retired, to bring the trophy, Vince Lombardi, Green Bay property designated for the training of Wisconsin was awarded the first two coronations, headed precisely, Vince Lombardi, in 1966 and 1967. The task is heavy on his shoulders, but the surprise team of the 45th Super Bowl (qualified last in the NFC) seemed exhilarated since the early play-offs. It was imposed in Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago. Each time, she was far from being a favorite. Remake Sunday?
Aaron Rodgers can do it all?
This is THE question for the Packers. Because although many other factors can contribute to the success of Green Bay, Mike McCarthy's team made a full trust and blind to his quarterback. Talented, but hitherto undervalued, Aaron Rodgers has proven this season (101.2 average ratio of 312 yards on average, 28 touchdowns). Perfect under pressure, he does not hesitate to do too much, multiplying the passes. Somehow, it reminds us of the Drew Brees last year at the helm of the Saints. With him, the Packers have returned to update the old "West Coast offense" where the attack used and abused to stifle his opponent passes. It is spectacular, and it pays. Of the five remaining games, Rodgers has launched 11 touchdowns passes to just three interceptions. In addition, the Packers number 12 has improved enormously in traveling. It supports better blitz, and even managed to steal a few yards to the race. His only fault, as often happened in such a match: inexperienced ...
The experience gap
Can he do anything then? Surely not. For the Steelers face, lapped in such appointments, the whole team will be in tune. Young Packers (only two players have already participated in a Super Bowl) will not make any complex. "Our players were very excited to be here, said Mike McCarthy on his arrival in Dallas. Many of us wish that is already in the day of the match. We do not take this as a simple experiment. I told them to be very realistic. It will be a great experience for our players. But ultimately, the goal is to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers ... "To do so, coach of the Packers can rely on James Starks, running-back revelation of these playoffs. Except that in front of him, has the best defense in the NFL against the racing game. The Packers also have a great squad of wide-receivers, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and Jordy Nelson. In defense, Green Bay has shown a formidable opponent aggressiveness on the quarterback with the blitz in the center of a certain effectiveness. BJ Raji also became the heaviest player in NFL history to score a touchdown on an interception in the playoffs.
What Packers?
On what the team showed in the playoffs, Green Bay has so much going for it. But the question remains whether Sunday, the Packers will not show their faces this season, much more irregular and unlucky. The face of an ordinary team, unable to resist against a solid education. In sum, the whole question is what Packers will be out on Sunday in Dallas. Packers fans, many in America are already praying that their club is on cloud nine to win his fourth NFL title?

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