Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pica's disease: a young woman treated for an addiction to soap

A young American woman of 19, Tempestt Henderson, who ate up to 5 per week know, has decided to consult psychiatry for getting rid of his habit, reports the Mail Online. She loves the taste of powdered laundry soap since she was small.This rare condition is called pica. It is an eating disorder characterized by repeated ingestion of substances not intended for food.
His compulsion was amplified with stressful situations What was leaving for college and a love separation. She then got into the habit of licking the bubbles of foam soap to finish as well eat 5 bars per week.
It follows a cognitive-behavioral therapy that helps get rid of his addiction by adopting thoughts and various strategies to reduce the temptations and facilitate resistance to the desire to consume, the Mail reported. She also returned to her family where she can be monitored and now employs liquid soap that she has no taste to swallow.

Pica is most common in people with intellectual disabilities.

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