Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl: The game predictions

BROSSARD - The Super Bowl XLV crown Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is the conclusion of a short survey is not meant absolutely not scientific, held from 14 players in the locker room of the Montreal Canadiens on Friday.
The Steelers do not however represent a unanimous choice. The heart and the wallet of 9 of the 14 players interviewed swing side of Pittsburgh.
Sign of a global survey enough, we talked to a Swiss, a Dane, a Czech, eight Canadians and three Americans.
Group, Scott Gomez is seen by his teammates as the expert in football. Mathieu Darche, meanwhile, will never see the Steelers win because they defeated the Seattle Seahawks, the team of his brother (John Philip) in 2006.
Here are their answers.
Benoit Pouliot
"I take the Packers by a small gap. I vote for Green Bay, especially since I know Gomez will choose Pittsburgh. I never want to take the same team as my friend Scott! "
Scott Gomez
"The most important thing for me is to win my bet with Benny Pouliot! I take for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In my opinion, you can not choose another team that the Steelers because of the experience of Roethlisberger.
I love the confrontation between two great football cities like Pittsburgh and Green Bay in another city rich in tradition, Dallas. As I explained to my neighbors, the equivalent of a Stanley Cup final between the Montreal Canadiens and Chicago Blackhawks. "
Mathieu Darche: "The Packers prevail 28-20. I do not have the Steelers in my heart, they eliminated the Seahawks, the team of my brother (Jean-Philippe) in 2006. I can not forgive them, especially since I was in the stands in Detroit.
Aaron Rodgers will be the player of the match in my opinion, mainly because of the possible loss of the center of the Steelers (Maurkice Pouncey). "
Travis Moen:
"It's a difficult choice, but I'm going for the Packers. Aaron Rodgers will be the player of the match. "
Brian Gionta:
"I am not a lover of football, but I chose the Steelers. I think Ben Roethlisberger will make the difference, he has more experience than Rodgers. "
Alex Auld:
"I vote for the Green Bay Packers. I hate Brett Favre and the Packers like to see win without him. I have confidence in Aaron Rodgers. "
Carey Price:
"I do not gagerai against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I predict a win by the Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger seven points and lift the trophy, Vince Lombardi for a third time. "
Max Pacioretty:
"The Steelers will win by a touchdown. Like Roethlisberger, he is always at his best in big games. "
Tom Pyatt:
"The Steelers will win 28-21 and I choose" Big Ben "as a player of the match. "
Yannick Weber
"I pick the Steelers to their defense and a guy like Troy Polamalu. It is a team with great experience and I predict a win by 34 to 28. "
P. K. Subban:
"I am a supporter of the Dallas Cowboys, so I'm pretty neutral. If I must choose a team, I would opt for the Pittsburgh Steelers. But it's really hard to say. I really like Aaron Rodgers, but the Steelers have too much experience. "
Roman Hamrlik:
"I go to the Pittsburgh Steelers. But I can not determine the player of the match, I do not know enough about the NFL. You should ask this question to Gomez, he knows even the names of big on the offensive line from each team in the league ... "
David Desharnais:
"The Steelers will win by seven points and Ben Roethlisberger will be the player of the match. "
Lars Eller:
"The Green Bay Packers win 28-21 and Aaron Rodgers will win the player of the match. "

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