Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tunisia: 11 cases including five deaths of Immolation

Eleven people in total were immolated by fire during the unrest that rocked Tunisia for over a month and a half, five of whom died from their injuries, said Saturday the head of the trauma center and burn Ben Arous, near Tunis, Ridha Bouzid.
This wave was triggered last December 17 in Sidi Bouzid, a deprived area of west-central Tunisia, by an act of desperation by a young peddler of fruits and vegetables.
Mohamed Bouazizi, became a symbol, was doused with petrol and was fired after the seizure of his goods by municipal agents who slapped and insulted and the refusal of any local official to listen to his complaint. Since then, ten young people have imitated in other parts of central, eastern and around the capital.
Mr Bouzid, quoted by the official news agency TAP, was also identified in its establishment 10 nationals shot dead.
For its part, the chief of general surgery, Dr. Ayoub Zoghlami said that 97 others hit by bullets or stones were admitted to the center of which four are still under medical supervision.
The United Nations High Commissioner had previously reported a comprehensive review of 219 deaths in the ranks of protesters and prisoners, besides two prison guards who died in fires in prisons.

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