Friday, February 4, 2011

Twice as many obese it was 30 years

In absolute terms we can not say that this figure is very surprising. According to a study conducted jointly by researchers at British and Canadians, obesity has doubled over the past 30 years. To date an estimated 500 million obese people worldwide including 297 million women.
The study, whose full results have been published in the Lancet, reveals no real surprise that the U.S. is that the prevalence of obesity increased the most during the past 30 years (among rich countries). The average BMI (body mass index) is 28.
There is also not so long ago a U.S. study did not hesitate to predict that nearly one American in two would be obese by 2050. Or when reality goes beyond fiction.
But the palm of obesity is tantamount to a small South Pacific island whose name you will surely have escaped the island of Nauru. There the average BMI is 33.9 for men and 35 women
Info for small mass index (BMI; English, BMI: Body Mass Index) is a quantity that is used to estimate the girth of a person.
To calculate BMI, divide weight by their height squared. Example for someone who is 1, 70 m and weighs 60 kg. Her BMI is 60 / ² = 1.70 ~ 8.20
Up to 25 we speak of normal weight, above 25 are overweight, over 30 obese. Beyond 35 there is a severe obesity.
Returning to our study in France is "door" rather well. French men are the smallest in Europe with an average BMI of 25.9. French women among the slimmest with an average BMI of 24.8.

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