Thursday, February 3, 2011

The weight of gold running backs

MONTREAL - The running backs for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers will have some pressure on the shoulders during the Super Bowl.
Their performance could very well dictate the pace of this match will face as they awaited the two best defenses in the NFL.
The statistics in the regular season does not mean anything, but it should be mentioned that the Steelers finished first in the NFL for yards awarded to the opponent to the ground per game (62.8). That of the Packers finished 18th overall with 114.9 yards per game. A preview of Sunday's game? Possible.
The Steelers will rely on the presence of Rashard Mendenhall, one of the best young running backs the circuit Goodell. The talent of the five-foot 10 inches and 210 pounds has blossomed this year with 13 touchdowns and 1273 yards.
"It is important to establish the ground running early in the game," Mendenhall said in the transcripts of the NFL. It demoralizes the defensive and at the same time, this opens opportunities for aerial game. We can also control time of possession and trench warfare. These are important aspects to win. "
Mendenhall is the fact the Packers defensive statistics against the ground roll. "The game is not played on paper, but on the ground of the stadium. The Packers have a unit of seven ('front seven) very hard, so we will have the upper line of scrimmage. If this is not the case, these statistics will not want to say anything. "
Besides being fast, the number 34 could also be a target for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, as he caught 23 passes for gains of 167 yards in the regular season.
Furthermore Mendenhall, Mewelde Moore and Isaac Redman could also see action in the different game situations. Ben Roethlisberger is also able to move outside the pocket when no wide receiver available.
The Committee for Packers
The Packers have managed to get their passes to the Super Bowl thanks to the work of a committee of three running backs led by freshman James Starks.
The latter, who joined the Packers as a free agent, has been very successful since the start of the playoffs with a touchdown and 263 yards in three games. He knows he has a challenge against the Steelers.
"They have excellent linebackers. They are strong and physical. They are intuitive in a game they love and physical contact. Ours have the same qualities, so it will be a good game, "said Starks.
The latter will also have the "chance" to contain the Steelers linebackers blitz. "I'll do the best I can against James Harrison is a big guy, but I'm ready. I never shrinks from a challenge like that. "
It should not be surprised to see John Kuhn and Brandon Jackson to get some brought in the ultimate game. Kuhn will possibly be called in reinforcements on the third test with few yards to go. His power could be an asset against the rugged Steelers defense. As for Jackson, he touches the ball a few times to give a respite to Starks.

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