Tuesday, February 1, 2011

William and Kate. Honeymoon in the British Isles?

Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided to spend their honeymoon on the Isles of Scilly, an archipelago located in the southwest of England. The couple have also asked wedding guests to donate to charity as a wedding list. The "wedding of the century." And a honeymoon the most modest. According to the "Mail on Sunday" Prince William and Kate Middleton would consider spending their honeymoon off Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly. The royal couple is expected to fly to this pearl of the Atlantic Ocean the day after their wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29. After considering returning to Kenya, where William had made his request in August, the prince and princess have decided the future to establish a list of destinations throughout the United Kingdom, to avoid offending the subjects of His Majesty what could be seen as an eccentricity in these times of crisis.
"William and Kate are perfectly aware that in these difficult times, a luxury honeymoon would be very badly perceived by the British and would send a very negative message," said one courtier. Especially as the Isles of Scilly also belong to the past of the prince. In 1989, William had lived with his parents and his brother Harry, to Tresco more precisely. The second heir in the order of succession to the British throne following the footsteps of Prince Charles and Diana, who had stayed at Lord Mountbatten's Hampshire and at Balmoral in Scotland, after their marriage in 1981. "Kate and William are discussing a honeymoon in the company of a small circle of friends," said a spokesman at Buckingham Palace, but confirm the destination of honeymoon couples. The marriage of the people
Since the announcement of their engagement last November 16, William and Kate fascinate the media, who see the young commoner a worthy successor to Diana, the "princess of hearts". But engaged couples dream of a wedding in their image. Kate Middleton had already refused to come to the abbey in gilded coach, as his late stepmother. If the couple hopes to host anonymous in Westminster including soldiers and sick children through the associations supported by the prince, they have also refused to provide a list of wedding guests. The couple had claimed for gifts of donations to charity.
Last week, Kate Middleton has quit her post she held project manager at Party Pieces, a company founded by his parents, to focus on her upcoming wedding. The young woman of 28 years might finally give up her career to comply with its obligations royal. According to The Sun, the couple will make his first official trip to Canada next July. Prince William and his Royal Highness tour the country for two weeks to supervise the importance of Canada's relations with the Commonwealth.

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