Monday, February 7, 2011

Afghanistan: Several U.S. soldiers killed in attack

A suicide attack aimed at the Customs Office in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, has caused many deaths on Monday. Among the victims included several foreign soldiers and an Afghan interpreter including the U.S. Army and an unknown number of American soldiers."The bomber blew himself up inside the complex customs of Kandahar, causing casualties among U.S. soldiers, " said police chief of Kandahar province.
Earlier, witnesses had reported seeing U.S. military now enter the complex at the time of the explosion, which foreshadowed the victims. "There are some losses, as we know, " said Commander Michael Johnson unable to provide details. "From what I understand, the number is not high, " he added simply.
Violence has intensified in recent months in Kandahar province, recently hit by several deadly suicide bombings claimed by the Taliban, while NATO forces are conducting several months of offensives aimed at driving the rebels from their strongholds.

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