Monday, February 7, 2011

[REACTIONS] MAM travel by private jet

Michèle Alliot-Marie is always at the center of controversy for using a private jet Aziz Miled, described as a close brother of the ousted president to go from Tunis to the hotel from his vacation in Tabarka. The information have again jeopardized his defense after we revealed that Michele Alliot-Marie and her companion were mounted in the plane of Aziz Miled a second time for an excursion to the south, Tozeur. For more than a week, Michele Alliot-Marie is facing widespread criticism and calls for his resignation, only members of the UMP trying to defend him. Benoît Hamon (PS) said on Monday, February 7 France Info radio that "just solution" for Michele Alliot-Marie, embroiled in the affair of his vacation in Tunisia, "to recover some dignity" would "let her go ". "This is a power, a government, who daily calls on the French to have rights but also duties, but that does not comply, Ms. Alliot-Marie in her head, her duties towards the French people," he added PS spokesman.
Jean-Marc Ayrault, first within the Socialist Party have called for the resignation of the minister, gave up what she does so herself. "I am speaking more to it, I turn to Mr Sarkozy, if you want to give some confidence to the French in the institutions of the Republic, you should change your foreign minister, it is the less, "he said on France Info on February 6.

Pierre Moscovici, interviewed on TV5 Monde, said Michele Alliot-Marie had "demonstrated incompetence and complacency rare unacceptable", he calls for his resignation.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, said that "in a normal democracy," the foreign minister would have resigned. "I think she will not leave because someone in this government never goes away, except when it displeases the head of state for personal reasons," he said when issuing BFMTV 2012/Le Point / RMC.

François Hollande (PS) said "The only person responsible for this situation, the maintenance of Mrs. Alliot-Marie is Nicolas Sarkozy (...) (...) Or he defends, maintains and preserves Michele Alliot-Marie, as it did with others and he will himself responsibility? the 2012 presidential election, or he makes decisions and there are choices to make in the team? government "when the program "Sunday evening Policy (I-Télé/Le World / France Inter / Dailymotion).

Dominique De Villepin (Republic Solidarity) ruled that the case was an "indicative of the humiliation of failing to live up diplomacy." Former Prime Minister made Sunday on Europe 1 radio, the parallel between the attitude of President Nicolas Sarkozy with the police and magistrates and holidays Tunisian controversial Michele Alliot-Marie, saying it gave "a sense of injustice and a double standard. "

Segolene Royal has lashed out Sunday on the Europe 1 "lies" of the Foreign Minister Michele Alliot-Marie, considering it "a new blow to the credibility of French diplomacy." "Today we have a foreign minister who imitates the president because the lie has erected a method of government," said the Socialist candidate in the primaries for president in an interview broadcast by private radio .

Daniel Cohn-Bendit commented controversy by saying "we say this, it should do anything but certainly not foreign minister, full stop" on Saturday Europe1. In Germany, "his party would push him to resign, I'm pretty sure," said the leader egology, born a German father. He added that the minister, who has ruled out resigning, could remain at his post. "Let the shame where it is," he said.

Eva Joly, a candidate for the primary Ecology Europe-Greens provides the Parisien-Today in France "Michele Alliot-Marie was on holiday in Tunisia when the riots began, accepting a gift from a close to the regime Ben Ali. The French are totally discredited and should last! Alliot-Marie had already resigned. "

The magistrate Philippe Bilger, Advocate General at the Court of Appeal wrote on his blog: "If Michele Alliot-Marie was a judge long ago that she would be sanctioned." "I want to emphasize an intolerable difference in treatment between judges and ministers, on the presumption of guilt of some and the presumption of innocence proclaimed frantically other," he adds.

Julien Dray, MP Sunday 6 PS wondered why nobody had told Ms Alliot-Marie "attention". Diplomacy is "gone completely off (...) nobody sees anything," he said, estimating that the foreign minister should not be the "scapegoat".

Jean-Paul Huchon, president of PS Ile-de-France, refused to overwhelm MAM, which remains a "Gaullist with real convictions," Thursday on Public Senat.

Martin Hirsch aa considered "urgent" to establish rules for gifts and invitations to ministers. Asked about the appropriateness of the resignation of Foreign Minister, former High Commissioner for Active Solidarity said on Canal + that was "not at all (his) field." He said the case his own blog. The UMP supports Michele Alliot-Marie

Only Senator UMP Alain Fouché was clearly detached from the minister, saying that "republican morality had been seriously injured," a "reputation for independence" of the foreign policy of France. And Nadine Morano (UMP) was still released: "In my case, I would not part with Tunisia on vacation.

Eric Woerth, meanwhile, said: "I am the last to support Michele Alliot-Marie because my support, probably the disservice and I do not want to serve," Sunday on LCP.

Christian Jacob, president of the UMP group in the Assembly said Sunday that "Michele Alliot-Marie was not at fault and mostly it was in no way disqualified to continue to conduct foreign policy of France" at Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro. "We must stop looking at history through the small end of the telescope: we are at a time when there is a revolution in Tunisia, with a strong suction (...) to open the world for the access to democracy and we are still on the corner of whether actually Michèle Alliot-Marie took 20 minutes for a private jet or not, "he also said.

Valerie Pécresse (UMP), minister of Higher Education has said that Michele Alliot-Marie had been "a word that he (had) escaped" by firing that "on vacation" she "was not foreign minister" as the complainant has itself acknowledged. "Michele Alliot-Marie has explained what happened, she said she regretted the controversy for me was closed," said Valerie Pécresse on RFM and BFM TV on Monday.
Christine Lagarde, Minister of Economy, was very determined, "Michele Alliot-Marie said she had to say (...) I want to give it my wholehearted support." Asked on France 5 on whether his colleague could remain in office, the economy minister said: "I hope very strongly," before returning to François Fillon. MAM is justified and revise his remarks

Michèle Alliot-Marie has tried once again to justify Monday, February 7 in an interview published by Le Parisien. It responds especially to the President of the Socialist Group in the National Assembly, calling for his resignation from the government. "I told Mr. Ayrault that I answer questions, not insults," she said.
Michèle Alliot-Marie had started: "When I'm on vacation, I am not the Minister of Foreign Affairs!", Saturday, Feb. 5 on France Info. "It is true that Minister 24 hours 24 and 365 days a year," she corrected Monday.

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