Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alone at the piano with Pierre Lapointe

Ten years have passed since his victory at the Festival International de la chanson: his albums, his success, his performance unprecedented FrancoFolies with the Orchestre Métropolitain du Grand Montréal, the project Mutantès, etc.. In his new album Pierre Lapointe alone at the piano, the artist is revealed in a unique privacy, resuming his piano compositions, alone, before his audience.
Human Sense of his albums without forgetting Forest of unloved, it is nothing but a journey of 16 rooms, perfect, without a jolt, his world revisited.
We are rediscovering the lesser known pieces, while others already known, offered under a new open pit, including two by two together, these strange lights and Magnetism lovers who are superbly interpreted. Parts therefore, as may be entirely another level, that lightness. Other songs on the piano already built, as 27-1000 Rue outbound and Lion beardless, allow themselves for their taste in a weightless unwavering.
Without actually giving us something new, otherwise another level of play, simplified, unpretentious, visceral, Pierre Lapointe circle seems a decade of discoveries. For those to whom Pierre Lapointe said nothing, absolutely nothing, if they dare this album, they encounter a world of poetry, hormones, love and childhood as well as melancholy. His lyrics, always poignant and mysterious, tell our bodies, our feelings and frustrations that sometimes know to be beneficial.
In summary, Pierre Lapointe returns to his audience, and at the same time a little with himself, not engaged in nothing more than obvious authenticity. We discover the composer at the zero degree of interpretation, alone with his instrument, alone with the hungry ears of the audience, alone with himself.

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