Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Linkin Park Centre Bell: shine a thousand lights

The California rock band Linkin Park was in Montreal on Monday night as part of its North American tour A Thousand Suns. More than 13,000 people were present at the Bell Centre last night to welcome the rock band Linkin Park, who presented his latest album, released in September. A Thousand Suns, an album whose central themes of war and destruction and whose title comes from a quote by a direct reference to the atomic bomb, has an abundance of electronic effects, a novelty in the style of the group.
"If the radiance of a thousand suns Were to burst at once Into the sky, That Would Be Like the splendor of The Mighty One. "
If Minutes to Midnight, their previous album, stood out much of their identity Nu Metal, A Thousand Suns, with its effects Appliances, is a special element in the discography of training in California.
Opening the show, which became the sound of The Requiem and The Radiance, the first two parts of the album A Thousand Suns, has shown the rock group that Montreal fans are not neglected. A clamor rose rapidly as the technicians left the stage and the first notes of The Requiem were heard.
The group has combined parts, sometimes very short, their latest album, the strength of their undisputed classics, keeping the intensity at the end of the show.
A final series of relentless Papercut, Crawling and New Divide, ending on One Step Closer was able to effect a monster and let the entire Bell Centre voiceless, but more importantly, completely inflamed, asking again and again.
Three years after their last appearance at the Bell Centre, formerly part of the tour Minutes to Midnight, the rock band did not skimp on the visual aspect of the show. As usual, they brought with paraphernalia to create a range of visual effects more spectacular than the others.
Huge screens broadcast visual effects and video, mixed with images captured by camera operators moving around the stage and broadcast live. The result, on signs placed at right angles, was completely amazing. But above all, worthy of the guys from Linkin Park.
The group Does It Offend You, Yeah? Pendulum and had the difficult task of warming the atmosphere at the Bell Centre before the arrival of the main group, as expected. If the first attempted as best they could to move the crowd, but rather the second, with its indisputable dynamism MC, The Verse, who took up the challenge.
A benefit to the height of the Californian group, but still marked with a certain calm, for parts of their new album. The last segment will be catalyzed entire energy of the crowd and the group in a few minutes and intense, but will greatly worth the wait.

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