Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A promising future for the Packers

(Dallas) is a superb demonstration of accuracy, reading the game and coolness has offered Aaron Rodgers on Sunday night. He led the attack on the Green Bay Packers a master hand. How many mistakes has he committed? None.
Rodgers has been expressing his talent as freely through the offensive line. Blockers Chad Clifton and Bryan Bulag have played an entire game, neutralizing the linebackers James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley, which has seen very little during the evening.
We have not seen much Troy Polamalu either. Cons explosive aerial game and the Packers on a fast surface like the Cowboys Stadium, it was Polamalu expected to play deep. Especially as the cornerbacks Pittsburgh Steelers Polamalu are common and that is a half of safety, do not forget ... Nevertheless he has had disappointing playoffs after having shone in the regular season.
When asked if he believed that Polamalu had an impact on the game, Mike Tomlin has also had a revealing comment. "I'll let you draw your own conclusions about it," said the head coach of the Steelers, barely concealing his disappointment.
But it was the Steelers' attack to be blamed for this defeat, not the defense. The Packers scored 21 of their 31 points after three turnovers. And the chief culprit is Ben Roethlisberger.
Steelers quarterback does not have the talent of a Rodgers or Tom Brady, but could certainly have a style a bit less frenzied by improving his reading of the game The presence of a quarterbacks coach for the first plan would be desirable in his case.
Note also that the recipients of the Steelers have struggled to break free Sunday night, even from the time when cornerbacks Charles Woodson and Sam Shields left the game injured. The loss of Emmanuel Sanders, also injured, obviously did not help.
Certainly, there are surely some people who were bored by Santonio Holmes on Sunday night ... The recipient will become a free agent in the coming months, his former club should maybe think about passing him a call, even if it's very unlikely he will.
In Green Bay, no time for regrets, but to the celebration. What the Packers have just done is phenomenal. A team that lost 16 players during the season, losing three other important pieces in the middle of the Super Bowl (Woodson, Donald Driver and Shields), should not normally be crowned champion. Awesome!
What will happen when all those injured will be back? With Rodgers, a line that is improving constantly before him, and the best group of wide receiver in the NFL, the Packers did they really need tight end Jermichael Finley and Ryan Grant of the wearer? Good luck to defensive coordinators who will try to slow everything beautiful world.
Composed of BJ Raji, Clay Matthews, Tramoni Williams, Nick Collins, AJ Hawk and Sam Shields, the core of the defense is almost as strong as that of the attack for several years. This is certainly not the last time you see Rodgers and his band to the big show of the NFL.
Cowboys Stadium
The Super Bowl week was disrupted by bad weather, a factor that obviously does not control. But Sunday night, bad news awaited a few hundred fans at Cowboys Stadium.
Some sections of the stadium could be employed for security reasons, so that approximately 400 people were forced to watch the game on TV, even if they had a ticket.
These viewers have received compensation that was three times the price of their ticket. This amount was probably used to pay hotel and plane ... This is a situation that is difficult to explain when one considers that the organizers have known for years that they will host the event. Yesterday, the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, however, announced that 400 people will be the "guests of the NFL" at the upcoming Super Bowl in Indianapolis. This announcement should further comfort the injured.
Journalists who attended the Super Bowl several times in the past also felt that it was disappointing overall. Fortunately, the week ended on the game.

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