Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bill the user-pays: 168 000 Canadians sign

A petition posted by OpenMedia knows a success also important that the discontent of the Canadian Internet. The latter denounced the recent CRTC decision marks the end of Internet packages allowing unlimited downloads in the country.
"Bell Canada and other major carriers are now free to impose the pay-per-use Internet access providers to self and to YOU," says OpenMedia on the page of his petition.
The first change in the billing of users emerge from 1 March 2011. After that date, the download capacity imposed by the CRTC in Canada, customers Teksavvy for example, now capped at 60 GB instead of 200 GB up to the first 300 GB limit, each extra will be charged 2.35 GB $. Beyond this limit, the invoice will be drawn to $ 0.95 per GB excess.
The decision by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) has been so surprised that shocked the Internet from Canada, because it occurs in a context where content offerings continue to grow especially with the growing popularity of video games, YouTube, digital books, Tou.TV and the recent arrival of services like Netflix (access to unlimited content for $ 8 per month).
Several analysts also denounced the decision by the CRTC, including Charlie Angus NDP:

"Allow ISPs to collect money each time someone downloads is a scam. Canada is already behind other countries in terms of choice, accessibility and affordability of the Internet ".
For an average family, it can be relatively easily exceed 60 GB, whereas the use of the bandwidth (or) computer (s), game consoles online, Internet-connected phones, tablets, etc.. used in the house.
In return, some vendors such as TekSavvy offer insurance to protect their customers against hefty bills for expenses exceeding the download limit. The sum of $ 4.75 (Ontario), users can get 40 extra GB.
You can sign the petition "Stop the counter" of OpenMedia via its website.
(Ars Technica, The Tyee and CBC)

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